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Turn Your
Magic Into Gold

Turn Your
Magic Into Gold

Turn Your
Magic Into Gold

Epically realign so that you build a (business) life fueled by your Highest Self.

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Working with Alix is for those truly wanting a deep shift in their reality.


Seeking more life force, clarity, positive momentum. Feeling more alive. More confident, unstoppable.


You will massively upgrade your mindset, identity, how you feel about yourself, as well as your professional, financial and business life.


In order to uplevel on a business/financial front, Alix has you dive into your psyche, subconscious, practices, patterns and self-leadership.

As this work is done, the business strategy and high impact actions taken on the professional front generate a much more expansive and sustainable impact as they are grounded in a new, cleansed and rewired Self.


"If you are ambitious and dream of epic growth way past what you're used to, Alix is your person. She will guide and empower you to unleash your potential and achieve whatever you truly want"

Helena, Senior Manager Global Partnerships at FC Barcelona

in Barcelona, Spain

FC Barcelona

Meet Your Master Coach Alix


Alix Rufas
CEO & International Business Coach

Alix is the CEO and owner of her 6-figure coaching company, which she founded in 2018 after quitting a full-time job in the start-up world. 

Alix is a Master Business Coach, additionally certified among others in Mindset Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Hypnosis.

​To date, she has individually coached 500+ leaders around the world. She has led 15+ leadership retreats for her client base and given 50+ public talks. She has also created and hosted dozens of transformative online programs since 2018.

Before trusting her gut and opening this business, Alix worked for various universities around Europe, the United Nations, the start-up world - and she had also started various other business ventures.

She has lived in Luxembourg, London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Italy and solo traveled the world for 2 years (2018-2020) as a digital nomad as she quit her job and started her location-independent coaching company.

On a personal note: 

  • Alix started her first business as a kid, and "scaled it" to multiple shops and venues around Europe in her teens - the business was actually profitable!

  • Alix had a big breakdown at the age of 16. Her mental, emotional, physical and energetic health hit rock bottom. She then spent 2-3 years coming in and out of hospitals and nobody knew what was happening to her. Sometimes she would spend an entire week sleeping at the hospital as doctors ran countless painful tests on her day and night. She was finally diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune illness that is for life that was creating havoc in her body. But traditional doctors didn't give her anything to ease her symptoms nor address the root cause of it.

  • This breakdown kickstarted her research for self-improvement really early in life. Alix learned about nutrition, exercise, gut health, correct supplements, mindset work, meditation... she wanted to get her glow back. Later, she started hiring various types of coaches, healers and mentors. She removed all her symptoms.


Alix is always investing in herself and so deeply passionate about supporting others to truly embrace their full potential as much as possible too! In life, glow and business.


If you want to book Alix for media interviews, speaking engagements or a private training:

"Let Alix push you to the edges of your ego-based mindset limits"

Caroline, Business Partner at Google

in Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Perfect Place to Begin is Exactly Where You Are

Not ready for 1:1 Mentoring? 
Apply to our signature 5-month group coaching program


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This powerful, results-focused program that has activated hundreds of women around the world through the years, will provide you with the support you need while lovingly electrifying you to take aligned high-impact actions towards building the business life you don't even dream of yet.


Join the hundreds of women who have successfully built soul-aligned business lives with The Epically Aligned Business School and apply to see if you are a match for one of our upcoming cohorts. We offer cohorts in English and French, and we have two levels. If you're a fit, you will be guided to the group of women within the Business School that is the most synergetic and activating for you.

An Epic Global Community

Our network of clients, support coaches, guest mentors and more is based in almost every continent. It is a beautiful family of highly synergetic individuals that often create incredibly strong bonds between them.

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“Alix is amazing at what she does. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and actually showed me how to pursue them with the skills and tools I already had. I started working with her when I felt stuck after running my business for 4 years. I didn't know how to move things to the next level. Shortly after I started working with Alix, my closing rate, sales and revenue started clearly increasing. I now see opportunity everywhere I go, and I believe in my strengths more than ever. I actually go out there and create the results that I really want in my career.”

Laura Van De Vorst

Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFx

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“Working with Alix is powerful, energetic and filled with positivity. It has given me so much energy to work with, and made me progress so much super fast! The coaching has also challenged me like crazy. I kicked-off new ideas and income streams after just 2-3 weeks of coaching with Alix. I learned to hack my own health, mood and energy for a better (business) life. I experienced a huge shift in my business plan (at one of Alix’s amazing retreats!), which created a lot of expansion in my life. For anyone considering working with Alix: if you relate me on some level, this might be the right coaching for you as it was a perfect match for me!”

Noor Kahmann

Founder of Tiny Temple

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