In 2021, I am supporting women mainly through the formats above. Individual 1:1 coaching, intimate 3-month masterminds, and 3-day transformative weekends.

I am highly selective of who I work with. If you're curious, you can fill in the form to work with me. I invite potentially synergetic women for an interview call in which I assess our success potential. Those matching receive a suggestion to enter one or a combination of my 3 coaching formats above.

Thrive on your full potential.

Empowering women to build their most fulfilling professional lives. 

I am a Full Potential leadership and business coach working with incredible women based all over the world. To date,
I have individually coached 300+ powerful leaders, held 50+ talks and led 10 leadership retreats around the globe.

Some of my clients

Are powerful leaders within and/or own some of the companies below.


They are based all over the world, such as: Dubai, Singapore, Bali, The U.S., Canada, Argentina, Peru, and all around Europe.

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Laura Van der Vorst

Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFX

Hamburg, Germany

Working with Alix has been incredibly empowering, helpful and transformative. Not only did she ignite a huge mindset shift, she made me feel like faith is in my own hands again.


Alexia Chatzidimitriou

Project Finance Manager at Hilton Worldwide

Dubai, UAE

Alix has such a powerful way of connecting with humans, and giving them the tools to reach heights they would not imagine possible. 


Jenny Schmidt

Senior Manager Social & Influencer Marketing

Berlin, Germany

Alix is the real deal. She empowers me to take action towards my dreams and goals. I love her positivity and contagious energy that keep on inspiring me continuously.

Melani Kalev

Social Media Specialist at Mindvalley

Tallin, Estonia

Trust in Alix. She really knows what she's doing. The powerful mindset and perspective shifts I have had working with her are of incredible value.



Founder & Owner at BrunchBag

Berlin, Germany

Working with Alix has been great. Her energy is amazing and she will make you DO shit! She's supported me in finding and connecting with my higher self and making high-impact moves.

Helena Martínez Soler

Senior Manager Global Partnerships at FC Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

If you are ambitious, a dreamer, you want to kick ass, grow... Alix is your person. She will guide and empower you to unleash your potential and achieve whatever you truly want.

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for you

Get free access to the meditation I've
created for you.

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Future Self Guided


An all-time favorite among my clients and during my live events. A powerful guided meditation designed to connect you to your wisest future self. 


Whether you're looking for support or you are interested in collaborating, you can drop me a message below.

Thank you! Have a great day.