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Los Angeles, United States

Lisa Yu

Entrepreneur, Start-up Advisor and Executive Coach

Weekly coaching with Alix helped me rewire what I focused my thoughts on and what I gave energy to. It really helped to unlock positivity and freedom. I learned the value of knowing my identity and worth and speaking that out loud. With it I got an unexpected confidence boost and I started believing in myself and who I am much more!​ I love Alix's energy and passion for humans. Alix is passionate about creating positive change in your life, and she's very honest and direct. Working with her has been incredibly positive and motivating! If you’re considering working with Alix - JUST DO IT!


Hamburg, Germany

Laura Van De Vorst

Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFx

Ambassador at Lululemon DE

Ambassador at doTerra Europe

Alix is amazing at what she does. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and actually showed me how to pursue them with the skills and tools I already had. I started working with her when I felt stuck after running my business for 4 years. I didn't know how to move things to the next level. Shortly after I started working with Alix, my closing rate, sales and revenue started clearly increasing. I now see opportunity everywhere I go, and I believe in my strengths more than ever. I actually go out there and create the results that I really want in my career. Working with Alix has been incredibly empowering, helpful and transformative. Not only did she ignite a huge mindset shift, she made me feel like faith is in my own hands again. I highly recommend Alix to anyone wanting to upgrade their business lives in an exponential way, with tangible and thrilling results.


Bad-Aibling, Germany

Lena Bradaric

Serial entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach &
Professional Athlete

I love Alix's presence and energy, she is so positive and powerful. Her coaching is like an electroshock with love. She will be very honest, you will likely take uncomfortable but necessary action. Before working with Alix I had lots of ambition but I didn't feel I had the structure necessary to continue growing in my business life and I didn't know what the right next steps were. Now I have started my second business and I'm about to start my third! I see this as an epic investment in yourself that will electrify you into your next level of growth.


Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Torras De Fortuny

Founder at Bohodot Barcelona

Before working with Alix, I felt very stuck. I didn't know how to continue to grow my business and I wasn't really enjoying my work. Then I started working with Alix and I'm so grateful for that. Alix is super positive, empathetic and motivating. In our work together I feel I'm continuously growing and moving forward. I've learned to value myself much more, to be much happier with myself. I've also become so much better at delegating. Since the beginning of working with Alix, I've hired 3 new employees! The revenue of my business has increased. I am very motivated to continue growing my business in the next year and to continue to sell more. With Alix, I've learned to see the silver lining in every situation, and the learning opportunities everywhere, even in something that might seem negative at first. I've also learned to think of and prioritize myself. To anyone considering to work with Alix: if you can relate to any of this, don't overthink it and invest in yourself.


Barcelona, Spain

Alexandra Carrera

Transformation Coach and Communications Expert

Working 1-1 with Alix has brought me lots of energy, clarity and focus to build and grow my dream business. I loved how action and results-oriented our work together has been until now. Concretely: I launched my website, boosted my social media presence, created my first packages to sell to clients and closed my first clients! I've also gained a substantial boost in: confidence, mindset, personal brand as well as business strategy. I initially chose to work with Alix over other options out there because of what she has achieved - for me it's a great example and inspiration of what I aim for for myself.  Alix is a very welcoming, transparent and generous coach who I look forward to continue to work with - thank you for everything until now, Alix!!


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Noor Kahmann

Medical Doctor

Founder at Tiny Temple

Before starting the work with Alix, I wanted to move a lot of mountains in a short period of time but felt I needed the accountability and support to really create that transformation in my life. Working with Alix is powerful, energetic and filled with positivity. It has given me so much energy to work with, and made me progress so much super fast! The coaching has also challenged me like crazy. I kicked-off new ideas and income streams after just 2-3 weeks of coaching with Alix. I learned to hack my own health, mood and energy for a better (business) life. I experienced a huge shift in my business plan (at one of Alix’s amazing retreats!), which created a lot of expansion in my life. For anyone considering working with Alix: if you relate me on some level, this might be the right coaching for you as it was a perfect match for me!


Munich, Germany

Sung-Hee Seewald

Owner at Sung-Hee Photography

Award-Winning Photographer

I’ve always been someone who does the work that has to be done, never lazy and always improving my business. ​ But everyone has those areas of fear, areas out of the comfort zone. ​These are the ones to overcome to really step into the next level - where you want to be. I love how Alix motivates and encourages me to go for my biggest goals and overcome these fears. Alix also always catches all the excuses I am able to come up with when I'm about to reach my next level of growth. Sometimes, these excuses are hidden so well! It's typical self-sabotage. And becoming aware of them creates the possibility to grow further. Having a coach is such an important step to really tackle the “sweet spot” - defining clarity again and again so it becomes second nature. 


Lisbon, Portugal

Emily Chen

Creative Director & Founder at Emcstudioco

Social Innovation Fellow at StartingBloc

Former Operations at Squarespace

I tend to be a high-level thinker but lack the accountability, small action steps and sometimes confidence to go after what I truly want in my career. Working with Alix has helped me gain clarity, get to the core of what steps I should be taking, understanding my natural strengths and use them in everyday life. After working with her, I feel like so many things are possible!  Alix is very empathetic, intuitive and also a no-nonsense go-getter.  And there's always a lot of joy and love to the work she brings.


Calgary, Canada

Veronica Thai

Life Coach

Yoga Instructor


Alix is full of positive energy, and she makes you feel like anything is possible. I could sense Alix’s spiritual sensitivity in our first introduction call. And this is what I was looking for in a business coach. I wanted support with my business but I wanted it to come from a coach that was also very conscious and self-aware. Within 2 months of working with Alix, I launched and sold my product! And the work we've done on mindset has been life-changing. If you're ready to take action and create positive change in your business life, this coaching is for you!

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