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1:1 Coaching


1:1 Mentoring with Alix is for those truly wanting a deep shift in their reality. Seeking more life force, clarity, positive momentum. Feeling more alive. More confident, unstoppable. You will massively upgrade your mindset, identity, how you feel about yourself, as well as your professional, financial and business life.

In order to uplevel on a business/financial front, Alix has you dive into your psyche, subconscious, practices, patterns and self-leadership.

As this work is done, the business strategy and high impact actions taken on the professional front generate a much more expansive and sustainable impact as they are grounded in a new, cleansed and rewired Self.



Alix has coached hundreds of men and women in almost every continent over the years. She currently works with both men and women 1:1. There’s generally two main case-scenarios among her clients:


  • Business owners: Either you’re just starting and would love to get to 8-10k months to start with, or you already run a 6 or multiple 6 figure business but something’s off, you feel stuck or unfulfilled. Either way you want to take things to the next level and feel way more fulfilled.

  • Non-business owners: You either have a full-time job, or are in-between chapters. Yet you’re wondering what’s next and want to feel way more alive, fulfilled, expansive and aligned with your highest path.

"Alix is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for appraisal, comfort and soft love - look elsewhere. Similarly, if you are brave enough to join her world, open up your mind. It's the only way she'll be able to help you."

- Paula

What's Included


Most clients work with Alix for an average of 1.5-2.5 years.
Here are the

  • 12 months 1:1 (best value)

  • 6 months 1: 1

What's included in your 1:1 Coaching experience:

  • 3 calls a month (1h)

  • Prepare your progress before each call inside your personal strategy online space

  • WhatsApp Support

  • Document and homework revision

  • Personal strategy by Alix

  • Personal energetic profiling by Alix

  • BONUS 1:
    Lifetime access to all online courses (online, 2.500,-)

  • BONUS 2:
    Access to 1 x 3- Day Weekend Intensive, which includes powerful energetic clearing and deepest desires activation by our guest Energy Woman (online, 3.000,-)

(Yet every 1:1 client goes through a highly personalized process)


  • Access the Root Cause of your most hindering patterns and behaviors - Sometimes, the root cause is found earlier in life, in the womb, in a past life or in past generations. With this work, you free, heal and clear deeply rooted hindering patterns, behaviors and emotions.

  • Deep subconscious reprogramming + mindset and identity upgrade - How to become a mindset ninja, massively strengthen your self-confidence, clarity and direction, regardless of your external circumstances

  • Energetic, manifesting and self-leadership practices - These are tailored to the person. Since there’s so many, Alix will suggest the most fitting for the person

  • Encode your dream goals energetically into the future  - Together with subconscious reprogramming and cutting-edge business strategy and high-impact actions, this brings your dream goals into your present reality at the speed of light

  • Reconnection with your Higher Self and ideal Future vision - Learn to recognize the voice of the ego, learn to reduce its volume and start operating from your Higher Self instead.

  • Business, structure financial overflow and abundance

    • Income streams: Define your most aligned income streams based on how you’re meant to be of the highest service to this world.

    • Packaging and pricing: Learn to package your magic (products, services, offers) in the smartest, most efficient way

    • Branding: You and your brand carry unique codes and a unique energy. We decode it and you learn to capture this energetic essence into various tools that you can then use as powerful guides for any brand asset (website, socials, brand photoshoot, stylist,...)

    • Marketing: Every person and business carries a unique energy and frequency. Alix has built her business from 0 to multiple 6 figures without paid ads. She aligned her marketing efforts to her essence for maximum alignment and efficiency. You can do the same. We believe there is never one strategy that fits all here.

    • Conscious Sales: selling a 5,- product is not the same as selling a 15.000 product. Effective sales for your offers generally require a certain skillset and we dive into this.

    • Client experience + client retention

    • Your diversified investment portfolio

Of course, this comes with accountability, strong support, encouragement, empowerment.
A no-nonsense yet very attuned coaching style.


Alix is fiery but also very grounded. She electrifies you with love. You become activated, high-energy, shining bright like a diamond - but also crystal-clear, sharp and confident in your path.


“Alix is amazing at what she does. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and actually showed me how to pursue them with the skills and tools I already had. I started working with her when I felt stuck after running my business for 4 years. I didn't know how to move things to the next level. Shortly after I started working with Alix, my closing rate, sales and revenue started clearly increasing. I now see opportunity everywhere I go, and I believe in my strengths more than ever. I actually go out there and create the results that I really want in my career.”

Laura Van De Vorst

Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFx

About Alix


Alix Rufas

Alix is the CEO and owner of her 6-figure coaching company, which she founded in 2018 after quitting a full-time job in the start-up world. 

Alix is a Master Business Coach, additionally certified among others in Mindset Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Hypnosis.

​To date, she has individually coached 500+ leaders around the world. She has led 15+ leadership retreats for her client base and given 50+ public talks. She has also created and hosted dozens of transformative online programs since 2018.

Before trusting her gut and opening this business, Alix worked for various universities around Europe, the United Nations, the start-up world - and she had also started various other business ventures.

She has lived in Luxembourg, London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Italy and solo traveled the world for 2 years (2018-2020) as a digital nomad as she quit her job and started her location-independent coaching company.


Barcelona, Spain

Cristina Torras De Fortuny

Founder at Bohodot Barcelona

Before working with Alix, I felt very stuck. I didn't know how to continue to grow my business and I wasn't really enjoying my work. Then I started working with Alix and I'm so grateful for that. Alix is super positive, empathetic and motivating. In our work together I feel I'm continuously growing and moving forward. I've learned to value myself much more, to be much happier with myself. I've also become so much better at delegating. Since the beginning of working with Alix, I've hired 3 new employees! The revenue of my business has increased. I am very motivated to continue growing my business in the next year and to continue to sell more. With Alix, I've learned to see the silver lining in every situation, and the learning opportunities everywhere, even in something that might seem negative at first. I've also learned to think of and prioritize myself. To anyone considering to work with Alix: if you can relate to any of this, don't overthink it and invest in yourself.

My commitment to you is...

To support and empower you to live a life that is truly aligned with yourself, a (business) life in which you feel expansive and thrilled.

To show you that there are infinite possibilities and that you already possess the magic inside of you and a unique combination of superpowers that are there to help you create the life you deeply desire.

To teach you how to work from a place of personal power, epic alignment and confidence, and structure your life and work to support your ideal lifestyle.

Trust yourself to take bold, decisive action towards an ideal version of your future. Your Highest Self is cheering on you big time.

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