I am currently growing my team and scaling my coaching company, which is the 8th business venture I start and build a team around. ​To date, I have individually coached 400+ female leaders around the world in almost every continent. I have led 10 leadership retreats for my client base. And given 50+ public talks. I have also created multiple online programs and transformative digital experiences.

Before this, I worked for various companies and universities around Europe and also developed a training to economically empower women through entrepreneurship for the United Nations.

I am also an active speaker and mentor to the next generation of female leaders at Female Factor.

As well as a Senior Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

I have lived in various countries, and built the foundation of my coaching company as a digital nomad for its first 2 years, travelling the world (Latin America, Bali, Italy, Spain, Portugal).

I am incredibly passionate about and committed to empowering women around the world to own their full professional potential and leverage it to create their most fulfilling lives.​​​

A few other bio highlights

 I started my first business as a kid, I built a team around it in my teenage years, started selling to shops around Europe (making profit) and won a Young Entrepreneurs prize offered by Deloitte. This was my first and early taste in entrepreneurship and it became one of the most FUN and SATISFYING things for me to do from very early in life.

I designed and developed a training program for The International Labour Organization (United Nations). The program served to economically empower women in developing countries through entrepreneurship. An entire UN team took the training and travelled the world with it, empowering thousands of women in developing countries.

I worked for various universities around Europe and a Netherlands-based start-up accelerator.

I was a mentor to girls in developing countries via Girlz, For The World.

I grew this coaching business for the first 2 years as a digital nomad, touring Europe, Latin America and Bali as I gave workshops and talks in the cities I visited.

I hold a Bachelor's (BA) and Master's (MSc) degree in Business & Entrepreneurship. I am fluent in Spanish (native), French and English.


What's also part of my story


On the left you can see a version of me in 2018 right before quitting a job that was not aligned with me anymore. On the right is me 4 years later in early 2022.

The words "realignment" or "full potential" might sound smooth in theory, but my journey has been anything but smooth. Embracing a more fulfilling path for me has required lots of leaps of faith, TRUST and diving deep into all kinds of healing and personal growth modalities. Over the years I've discovered a level of commitment to my growth I didn't even know I had in me. And despite everything, I find the path increasingly fascinating.

I personally find that someone deciding to bravely start exploring the potentiality of a better, more aligned, more fulfilling life is a precious thing. I experience this among my 400+ client community over and over again on a weekly basis.

I began the journey from photo 1 here above by taking baby steps. Allowing myself to explore alternatives. Allowing myself to invest in my own growth and first coaches and programs. Allowing myself to take the next "unconventional" step.

Allowing myself to take action despite my inner resistance.

If I can do it, other people can surely do it too, and on their own terms.


And I'm here for it.

What drives me to do what I do

I had my first wake-up call in my teens. After years in school trying to be the best at everything (even in the million extra-curricular activities I did), my body said stop. Around the age of 16, my mental, physical and emotional health hit rock-bottom. I spent about 2 years until I was 18 in and out of hospitals. After that, I learned to slowly re-build my mental, physical and emotional health from scratch.

After I finished my Master studies (MSc), I worked for about 1.5 years as a full-time employee (with lots of overtime) and by the end, I was about to hit that burnout wall for a second time in my life. I quit on time and re-designed my life completely.

Since early 2018, I have been travelling the world while growing this and other businesses. I live by design. For me, this means that my (business) life is designed in line with my personality, purpose and soul blueprint.  This sense of alignment creates incredible synergy and momentum. 

I am committed to empowering those who work with me to do the same. To epically create their best, most energizing (business) lives so they can thrive on their full potential.


The more they grow, the more they glow.

Last but not least, I am personally incredibly committed to empowering women all over the world to  be as economically and professionally empowered as possible.


My tribe of world-class coaches, teachers and mentors

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