I started my first business around the age of 4.

By the age of 11, I was making profit by selling my products (jewelry) to shops around Europe. By the age of 16, I had built an international team of 11 people. Together, we won an Innovative Entrepreneurship prize offered by Deloitte.

Since then, I have started 6 other businesses.

Now, I am a Full Potential business and leadership speaker and coach working with fired-up humans worldwide.

My clients and live events are based: all over Europe, in Canada, in The US, in Latin America, in Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta), Dubai and Singapore.

To date, I have:


  • Started 7 businesses and built teams around them

  • Hosted 9 leadership retreats around Europe

  • Coached 300+ individual leaders worldwide (entrepreneurs, corporates, start-ups and solopreneurs)

  • Given 50+ public talks and workshops in Europe, Latin America and Bali

I turn unfulfilled professionals into thriving humans feeling expansive.



My mission is to get humans worldwide to fully own and maximize their unique life path and potential.

I believe that every person has a unique combination of superpowers, dreams and desires.

And that this unique blend is there for a reason.

And that fulfillment is massively boosted when a human fully embraces their unique potential.

And they leverage it to create value in this world.

When this happens, a person enters a powerful flow.

Where they are invested in things that exhilarate them, that feel right and aligned.

Their energy expands. They create value. They are their most authentic selves.

They become more and more magnetic. Positive feedback loops are activated.

And that's an epic flow of someone living life fully by tapping into their full potential to create value in the world.

More about me



I have always been the typical over-achiever. As a kid, I would show up to the playground in business clothes. I always had the best grades in school and outside school (music, dance, you name it), regardless of the subject at hand or the country I'd be in.


But at the age of 16, I burned out. My physical, mental and emotional health hit rock bottom at once. I had to spend weeks in different hospitals. This lasted for about 2 years.


Once I started recovering, I understood that working hard without a clear purpose nor the right personal growth tools wasn't the way to go. Fulfillment was important. A strong and positive mindset was important. A full cup was important. My energy and happiness were important.


Since then, for the past 14 years, I have been dedicated to rebuilding my life. I've hired coaches, therapists, gone to retreats, completed countless online trainings, traveled the world. I've rebuilt my physical, mental and emotional health from scratch.  

Today, I live by design. I continuously take note of what energizes me vs. what drains me, and I create my life around the things that energize and fulfill me.

Since my teens, I have started 6 other companies. I have raised investment for my companies and others’.  I successfully completed a competitive research master (MSc). I was about to start a PhD, but instead I
went to work for a start-up accelerator and various universities around Europe. 

I have never gone back to that rock-bottom I hit at the age of 16.


I am now driven by passion, fulfillment and massive positive change. 

Today, I am committed to empowering humans worldwide to thrive, sustainably.

I connect them to their unique combination of superpowers, to their unique purpose and life mission. I give them the tools to hack their mindset, energy levels and having the most positive impact in this world to live a fulfilled life.


I have been on stage at events such as Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within as well as Emile Steenveld & Joel Brown’s Elevate event.


I have also had the privilege to being directly coached and mentored by the Tony Robbins team, the Arnon Barnes team, Emile Steenveld, Joel Brown, Gerard Adams, Yahya Bakkar and Ruby Fremon.


To date, I have coached, trained and mentored over 300 humans worldwide through my programs, retreats and exclusive 1-1 coaching.


My work has helped humans connect to their unique mission, find focus and purpose, massively (and successfully) execute on it, monetize from it and thrive as fulfilled human beings on a mission in a matter of weeks.

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