Work with me

  • No-nonsense and always focused on creating the best results for my clients

  • Personal, warm and generous, yet electric and high-energy

  • Very individualistic: any person signing up with me is in for a highly personalized experience

  • Super passionate and committed to my clients' tangible uplevels 

  • In general, I bring in a no-nonsense fiery and action-oriented energy that electrifies my clients to their next level of growth with enthusiasm

Working with me is for you if you recognize yourself in one of these profiles:

You're a kick-ass entrepreneur
or company lead

You already own or lead one or several businesses, but something's off. You're not sure what, but you feel you're stagnating, feel demotivated and/or you're not sure how to take your business to the next level and raise your energy levels in the process. You want to feel epic satisfaction and you're not really sure how get there by yourself.

You want to monetize your unique magic

You might have limited entrepreneurship experience, yet you want build a dream personal brand or streams of income that masterfully monetize your unique magic. You want to do this in full alignment with you, your lifestyle and on your terms. You know it's possible, yet you miss a personalized kick-ass strucutre to execute in the smartest way.



Helena Martínez Soler

Senior Manager Global Partnerships at FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona.png

Barcelona, Spain

This is not for everybody, this is only for superhumans! If you are an ambitious person, a dreamer, you want to kick ass, grow... Alix is your person. She will guide and empower you to unleash your potential and achieve whatever you truly want. You will deserve it because it will be you making things happen! My biggest advice here is - the best thing you can do is invest in yourself!

I have realised that I am in the right place, on the right path and going in the right direction. Alix has helped me to stay ambitious and know I can achieve whatever I want.

This experience has given me serenity, clarity & ownership. Celebrating wins is now a routine. I now also have 4 new friends and a mentor!

I have created already visible results, I feel proud of myself and of what I have achieved in only 3 months and how motivated I am to keep achieving new things.

I felt very good in a curated environment with more women like me and Alix's guidance, tips and exercises that I feel I can keep for the rest of my life.

Thank you Alix.


Linda Krüger

Influencer Marketing Manager at Gymondo


Berlin, Germany

Alix will give you all the tools to follow your goals and grow into your potential - but you will have to get moving and start doing. Then you will see what can happen and how you can transform. She has a lot of spiritual and personal development knowledge which inspired me to learn more about myself and where my strengths lie.


Alix is very honest and pushes you into the right direction. She really believes in your full potential and makes you trust in the process. She also teaches you to be more grateful and see the achievements you make.


My favourite things about the experience were the honesty, the support, the extra push for my next kick-ass high impact moves as well as all the relevant personal work which brought me to many key realizations.


I learned that mindset is key! I always thought I would hardly be able to achieve any routine in my life but I have and it feels so good. I believe in myself and own my success.


I loved the amazing ladies I connected with. I got so inspired with positive vibes, everyone has their own unique journey and we really supported and cheered on each other which felt so uplifting and empowering.


Thank you Alix for kicking my ass, showing me how to believe in myself and really your uplifting energy! You're a great inspiration for me.


In 2022, I am supporting incredible women through individual 1:1 coaching, my signature Business School, 3-Day Weekend Intensives and a collection of online video trainings inside by Online Academy.


Kristina Schneider

Sales Enablement Manager at Userlane

Munich, Germany

Alix is energetic while telling you to finally get the ball rolling. The most important thing is that you and your coach "click". From minute one on the phone, I knew that we both connected. We laughed while talking about serious self-development.


Working with Alix has given me the ability to reflect on my own thoughts and the feeling of understanding my situation.


My biggest learning is about my mindset, because I know I'm ambitious, I know I can set myself goals and work through them. These three months were a perfect mindset shift and now I'm ready to tackle next steps.


Paulina Kania

Program Manager at Startup Live GmbH

Vienna, Austria

Working with Alix was epic, mindset-changing, energetic and incredible!


During the experience I gained the tools that helped me structure my self-development, leverage my energy and work with my own female cycle energies. I also learned that I can transform my mindset.


I loved sharing wins, supporting and motivating each other. The whole experience transformed my mindset growth.


I started believing in myself, in my superpowers, my skills and gained clarity in my life - what I want and how I want to live my best life.


I am so grateful for Alix and I meeting and working together, it was life-changing! Still more to come and I am so excited about it!