with me

Working with me is for you if you recognize yourself in one of these profiles:



You already own/lead one or several businesses, but something's off. You're not sure what, but you feel you're stagnating, feel demotivated and/or you're not sure how to take your business to the next level AND raise your energy levels in the process.


income streams

You want to monetize your superpowers, passions, purpose or all of of the above. You'd love to upgrade your professional life so that these are leveraged, giving you an energizing sense of meaning, purpose, passion... and potentially fulfilling streams of income.


And also...

  • You really know there's better for you in life

  • You are ready to embrace an energizing uplevel in your life

  • You are eager, motivated and full of energy inside of you

  • You are open-minded, ready to go and hungry for tangible results

As a coach, I am:

  • No-nonsense and always focused on creating the best results for my clients

  • Highly empathetic (I feel you immediately), yet electric and high-energy

  • Very individualistic: Any person signing up with me is in for a highly personalized upgrade

  • Super passionate & committed to my clients' tangible uplevels 

In 2021, I'm working with humans in mainly these online formats:

Exclusive 1-1 Coaching

3-Month Masterminds

3-Day Online Accelerators

Would you like to know when there's an opening? Let me know!