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Tuesday, November 29
18.30-19.30 CET

Live Only! See you on Zoom

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You're invited to join me for:

1h of high frequency live training

  • Summary of key learned lessons in my past 5 years in business:
    From zero to multiple 6 figures while glowing-up ;)

  • Alignment & abundance in 2023 and moving forward:
    All is shifting & evolving fast - here's how to embrace it.
    Hint: you get to play with magic for business expansion now.


  • New World Businesses and why we need them (that's YOU!)
    I firmly believe that when more of us look within for what's truly at our core and the essence of the magic we came here to share - more goodness & abundance for all will activate.  The world is shifting and New World, conscious, intuitive, magical and expansive businesses are being called to support this shift.

  • Business energetics and how to tap into it for magic in your growth
    In 2022, my business income tripled. There's some 1) strategic shifts we've implemented and some 2) business energetics tools we've embraced.

  • Bonus: my multiple income stream planner

        You get to fill it in live during the class!

Moving forward in 2023 and beyond, I believe sovereignty will be key. Financial sovereignty starts by taking ownership of the shifts happening in the world today and adapting strategies accordingly.



ONE of the strategies I recommend is:
Putting in place your most epically aligned income streams.


  • Epic: because of course, what else are we here for

  • Aligned: In alignment with your higher self - it is always leading you to your highest path. And frankly, moving forward, avoiding this alignment is likely to result is increasingly painful experiences as it's no longer meant for you.

  • Income streams: different types and in different industries for more resilience

    • Active income streams
      (coaching, consulting, teaching, working with 1:1 clients,...),..


    • Passive income streams
      (online courses, book, products on e-shop,...)

    • Affiliate income streams
      (earning a commission in collaboration with your most aligned brands)

    • Profits from investments

    • Residual income streams

    • ...

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In this Masterclass, you will:

  • Gift yourself a precious hour to think about YOUR 2023 vision, financial sovereignty, most epically aligned income streams aligned with your Higher Self and (longer term) income goals


  • Connect to a beautiful + electrifying energy LIVE


  • Receive a beautifully branded income streams planner you can use for years to come!


  • Get a head-start into concretely planning your most epically aligned income streams moving forward

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Hundreds of my clients have...

Initially contacted me just on a hunch, without a clear idea of what they truly wanted...

... just to end up with a full running business 6 months

later (it's possible). OR multiple income streams.


Now they still can't believe their leaps and all they had to do is TRUST enough to begin taking initial steps (with me).

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So, will you join us?

One of my favorite mottos

(from one of my mentors):

"Trust first, and then decide."


And also

(from another mentor):


"Do first, judge and analyze later".

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About your host, Alix:

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  • Successfully grown her company from zero to multiple 6-figures in under 5 years -while glowing up ;)

  • Previous: founded various other companies, worked in the start-up world, worked for United Nations.

  • Is developing 15+ epically aligned income streams with her team and business partners.

  • LOVES her hundreds of students inside the Business School.

  • Speaker & host inside multiple Financial Sovereignty & Investment communities.

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