When I started my coaching business almost 5 years ago... I did everything BEFORE I was ready:

○ I started coaching clients without a certification nor a website, even less a BRAND or business plan 🤪

○ Coaching clients started paying me before I had published my first website

○ I wanted to see what the website builder Wix was and Woops published the first version of my website by accident within 3h (it looked relatively terrible) - but at least now I had a website

○ So many things I didn't know how to do (and I also didn't want to do them) - I delegated already within the first *3 months* of the business


Something I believe has immensely helped me is this mantra:



I really don't care if this is not the most "feminine Goddess-like" way of operating. Sometimes we highly benefit from cutting through to *JUST GET GOING*.


This year we hit multiple 6 figures.

My team is growing and there's now support coaches inside my Business School to attend to our students more individually.

We have French and English cohorts.

A paralell community around my online courses.

Affiliate partnerships.

Global Influencers working with me in exclusive 1:1 premium coaching.

The goal for next year: our first 500k year.

Stay tuned for our journey there 🤓✨️ I will be documenting with a few big milestones already coming up this year 🔥


In the meantime, you're invited to join me on a free LIVE 1h Masterclass tomorrow Thursday 29, 6pm CET where I:

💞 Tell you about my biggest lessons in the last 5 years

💞 There will be space for Q&A

💞 My favorite tips in hindsight when it comes to building income streams around your calling, mission and sense of purpose

💞 My top recommendations for more energetic & financial sovereignty in 2023

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Inside the next round of the Epically Aligned Business School,
we will have a star-guest for 4 full weeks LIVE: Lisa Yu.

Lisa will come live to teach everyone the ins and outs of
a particular type of PASSIVE income stream:

Crypto and NFT investments.

1h Masterclass

Guest Speaker: Lisa Yu

Lisa Yu is a Crypto and Tech Investor.  She is a 10X Angel Investor, 2X Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, Ex-Silicon Valley Executive, Former Microsoft Security and Research, Go-To-Market Leader, Community Builder, and International Speaker. She invests in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, dApps, the metaverse, and all things Web3. 


She has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, multiple podcasts, and shipped award-winning tech featured on Wall Street Journal and CNN. She has spoken at Miami NFT Week, NFTCON, SXSW, UC Berkeley, Draper University, Evite's International Women's Day, Unit Venture's Global Unconference, IVY: The Social University, Digital Lifestyle Conference, and HERStories, Women in Tech and Entertainment.  She recently taught about Blockchain and NFTs at Loyola Marymount University. 


In this FREE exclusive 1h Masterclass, you get to dive into:

See you this Tuesday, July 26, at 6pm CET for a LIVE Zoom session packed with golden nuggets.

Lisa and I will share our most recent thoughts on best moves for 2022 when it comes to setting up your most Epically Aligned income streams - in particular for this session:

Your best Crypto & NFT moves.

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