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Times are changing and so is the way we work and generate wealth. It used to be many people's dream to quit their 9 to 5 to become location-independent and "work from anywhere" from their laptop.

Except this laptop lifestyle is likely to exhaust you if it means financing your best life depends 100% on your ability to work *actively* for clients.

You're putting a lot of pressure on your nervous system and energetic performance. Without you being in your best state, you can't be at your best for your clients, and without raving clients and active word-of-mouth, it is likely to become somewhat heavy on your energetic system to consistently scale your income.

I know because I've been there. Solo travelling the world for 2 years straight. Financing everything in my life (travels, world-class mentors and training, luxury hotels, luxury retreats for my clients,...) exclusively through my LIVE coaching (1:1, in groups, in retreats,...).

I would describe myself as quite fiery, action-driven, energetic and enthusiastic; but at some point this modus operandi was too exhausting even for me, and I decided this:

"To reach my financial freedom goals, I can't keep earning 100% of my income through ACTIVE activities (in this case, coaching). I will set up various parallel 6-figure income streams. Active, passive and residual. And see what happens"

Today, my team and I are growing 9 parallel 6-figure income streams. Active ones, passive ones, and residual ones. This means 9 different income streams that bring at least 10k per month each. This means just over a million a year.

And *none* of these 9 income streams require 1:1 work from me. NONE.
The only active income streams are for groups.

It takes time and dedication and patience to set the foundations of your most Epically Aligned income streams. 

But in my opinion, in today's climate and increasing inflation - if one wants to live an abundant and comfortable life, invest in their health and wellness, personal and professional development, enjoy a high quality of life, and have TIME to just rest, enjoy life and evolve spiritually - setting up your most Epically Aligned income streams (active and passive) is one of the most responsible things one can do.

This is why I created the
Epically Aligned Business School.


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Inside the next round of the Epically Aligned Business School,
we will have a star-guest for 4 full weeks LIVE: Lisa Yu.

Lisa will come live to teach everyone the ins and outs of
a particular type of PASSIVE income stream:

Crypto and NFT investments.

Guest Speaker: Lisa Yu

Lisa Yu is a Crypto and Tech Investor.  She is a 10X Angel Investor, 2X Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, Ex-Silicon Valley Executive, Former Microsoft Security and Research, Go-To-Market Leader, Community Builder, and International Speaker. She invests in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, dApps, the metaverse, and all things Web3. 


She has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, multiple podcasts, and shipped award-winning tech featured on Wall Street Journal and CNN. She has spoken at Miami NFT Week, NFTCON, SXSW, UC Berkeley, Draper University, Evite's International Women's Day, Unit Venture's Global Unconference, IVY: The Social University, Digital Lifestyle Conference, and HERStories, Women in Tech and Entertainment.  She recently taught about Blockchain and NFTs at Loyola Marymount University. 


In this FREE exclusive 1h Masterclass, you get to dive into:

See you this Tuesday, April 26, at 6pm CET for a LIVE Zoom session packed with golden nuggets.

Lisa and I will share our most recent thoughts on best moves for 2022 when it comes to setting up your most Epically Aligned income streams - in particular for this session:

Your best Crypto & NFT portfolio.

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