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Epic Business Life Yet

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This Masterclass is for women wanting to build their most epically aligned + satisfying business life by optimizing how they monetize their unique magic - tangibly.

There is a bonus guided meditation and journaling exercise at the end of the Masterclass that powerfully connect you to your wisest, most badass self: your Higher Self.

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Get free access to:

  • The Framework (and its 3 Pillars) I use in my work with all my clients; and how you can use it as of now too.

  • Learning the difference between your higher self and your ego.

  • A very special guided meditation to connect to your higher self.

  • A live journaling exercise to map out what your higher self wants you to know right now.

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In this free 1h Masterclass you are going to:

  • Learn about my background, what drives me and my coaching philosophy.

  • Learn how to use and apply my 3 Full Potential pillars to upgrade your life as of now.

  • Learn about upward-momentum spirals and downward-momentum spirals - Why they matter and how you can consciously create them.

  • Learn about the difference between your ego vs. your higher self - Why it matters and what your higher self wants you to do.

  • Learn to connect to your higher self through my all-time favorite guided meditation.

  • Receive a special message from your higher self through a closing journaling exercise.


You cannot miss this if:

  • You've been craving to feel epically aligned in life and business, with the certainty you're doing what you came here to do.

  • You want to create a positive impact in the world through your unique gifts.

  • You know now is the time for you to take that next step in your business growth.

  • You really want to create your most epic business life: in maximum alignment with your soul + bringing kick-ass value to others + creating abundant income streams.

  • You have a hunch you'd resonate with my energy

  • You're open for me to transfer my energy to you in this 1h.

  • You're looking for support that is *both* no-nonsense and spiritually informed.

About Alix

Alix has started 7 business ventures this far and built teams around each of them. She's worked for various companies and universities around Europe and has developped a training to economically empower women through entrepreneurship for the United Nations.
She's lived in various countries, and has built her current coaching business as a digital nomad for its first 2 years, travelling the world.
She's led 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe for dozens of her clients. She's given over 50 talks around the globe and has delivered multiple transformative online programs for humans wanting to build their dream business lives.
In the past 4 years, she's been focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while running her programs and events.
She's incredibly passionate about and committed to empowering humans around the world to turn their unique magic into gold, for themselves and others.​​​