This is a little introduction to my FULL POTENTIAL MAKEOVER strategy.


I promise you, you'll be VERY satisfied with yourself if you really implement *everything* I've packed into this intro pack for you.


Upon purchase, you'll instantly receive a kick-ass digital workbook that outlines, step-by-step, what you can do in the next ONE WEEK to create a tangible uplevel in your life.


(And if you're an over-achiever, you'll easily be able to implement this faster.)


You'll also receive TWO audio files I've personally recorded for you, packed with value.


More concretely, here's what's included in this FULL POTENTIAL intro pack:


  • An introduction to my FULL POTENTIAL MAKEOVER strategy


  • A 1-week FULL POTENTIAL action challenge (with 3 of my favorite exercises for epic results)


  • A kick-ass digital workbook 


  • 1 x 15-min guided meditation by me


  • 1 x 6-min coaching audio by me (with pro-tips for implementation!)



You'll likely have lots of fun just going through this material.


And you'll likely feel expansive and empowered if you implement the simple, yet high-impact steps included here. 


This intro pack is designed to tangibly uplevel your life as soon as you implement the simple steps included in it.


These steps are also kick-ass steps you can continuously tap into repeatedly for growth in the long term (I still use them today for myself!).


I look forward to you going through this.

And I'd love to hear how this goes for you :)

You can let me know by responding to one of my emails if you like.

And/or by tagging me on socials @alixrufas as you implement the steps :)



With love + electricity,



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