Badass Female Solopreneur - Video Mini-Course

Badass Female Solopreneur - Video Mini-Course

In this 4-week video mini-course you will learn all my best practices for you to take your solopreneur dreams and goals to the next level. You'll have 10 hours of video content, broken down week by week. Masterclass content on different topics + concrete exercises you can apply immediately. These are content intensive masterclasses where you're advised to take notes.



  • Week 1: Full Potential Essentials - To start off in Week 1 you'll learn the basics of my Full Potential Philosophy and the 3 pillars I recommend you strengthen before anything else
  • Week 2: Attracting & Retaining Your Best Clients - In this 1h15min masterclass you'll learn my best practices to attract, magnetize and retain the best type of client for your business. We get really practical, down to earth and I share very practical details that you can immediately apply to your specific situation. 
  • Week 3: Transitioning From Employee To Solopreneur - Here I break down a few mindset shifts that can be incredibly powerful for women who are growing their solopreneur business for the first time with limited prior entrepreneurship experience.
  • Week 4: Your Solopreneur Strategy



  • The top 5 Masterclasses my solopreneur clients love the most
  • The most helpful solopreneur mindset shifts
  • How to attract and retain your best clients
  • How to organize your business structure for sustainable income
  • and some more


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