The FUEL-UP formula is for...

This formula might be for you if you KNOW you are meant to
get more fulfillment out of your professional life.


It doesn't matter exactly in which professional situation you are in at the moment.
You can be an employee, managing a team, running your own business,
wanting to kick-off your dream business or side-hustle...

Wherever you are at the moment, you feel you're ready for a boost in the right direction.


You want to feel MORE connected to yourself, your unique strengths,
your unique path and purpose.

You want to feel MORE fulfilled. 
You want to THRIVE doing what you love.



You want to feel a sense of certainty when you think of your work life.
Feel certain you're aligned, in your truth and in your power,
doing what you're really meant to be doing, and loving it!

With the FUEL-UP formula,
you can get clear on:

  • What you're really meant to be doing

  • What an epic version of your future really looks like

  • What an epic future version of YOU really looks like

  • What your unique combination of superpowers is & how to tap into that so that it works FOR you

  • How to create your most epic work life *in practice*

  • How to optimize your mindset & energy levels to feel unstoppable

  • ... and much more!




Birgit Veskioja



This program is very direct, results-oriented and to the point as well as personal.  


I loved Alix’s system to define my goals and track my progress on them every week, as well as how to tune into my natural energy levels to uplevel my work life.


During the live online workshops, I loved that Alix was so helpful with our individual questions, as well as her coaching style. I also loved to hear other course participant's stories, as well as the positivity of the people.


Alix is very direct and solutions-focused, yet always very warm.


Thank you so much Alix, I look forward to more!


Claudia Lazar



This program has brought me a lot of focus, energy, peace and clarity!


It has brought me a new perspective on my professional life, and it has shown me that so much more of what I initially thought is possible.


I especially loved the energy I got during and after each live online workshop.


Alix is like a wonderwoman that is very cheerful and transmits a lot of power.


Thank you, Alix for bringing so much value, energy and clarity into my life! I'm already looking forward to round two of working with you!


Ioana Varga




This program has brought so much joy, energy and clarity into my life. By the end of the program, I felt a much stronger sense of alignment and direction.


I learned how to tap into excitement and energy to completely up-level my work life.


I understood how to rock my next career steps and how to go about them with a growth mindset.


I loved that I could go at my own pace through the self-learning material too, that I had access the online modules at all times, and that I could learn so much from it all.


P.S.: Alix is so kind, energetic and inspiring! She transmitted so much good energy during each live online workshop!



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about how you can access the FUEL-UP formula!



  • Full access to all of my LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS
    + replays until end of 2020 

    • 2 x 1h workshops each month​ 

    • Packed with content & practical tools

    • Space for Q&A

    • Connect to other superhumans based all over the world

    • Get the replays to watch again or if you miss one

  • 2 x 1h individual STRATEGY SESSIONS with me

    • Call #1 is your personal onboarding session with me. Every person following the program is individually onboarded by me. Here we create together your individual growth blueprint for the upcoming months. We break down your personal goals and wishes as well as current challenges and built your personal system for the months to come.

    • In call #2, we take your individual growth blueprint to the next level, you understand how to put it into practice for the months to come, how keep yourself accountable, and how to make the most of the rest of this program for *your* specific case. I will also coach you on the most important elements in your growth path right now.

  • Lifetime access to my ONLINE COURSE: Full Potential Makeover

    • 10 self-study online modules

    • 20-page workbook

    • Audio guidance from me module by module

    • Video recordings from previous Masterclasses

    • 6 Guided meditations recorded by me, for you

    • Access to all future add-ons and course upgrades!

  • Access to my private Facebook group

    • Connect to a global community of superhumans based in literally every continent!​

    • Free resources and gifts from me

    • Insider access to the rest of my offerings 





Hi superhuman!

If you crave MORE satisfaction from your professional life...

If you're perhaps contemplating a career change or pivot (but not necessarily)...

If you really want to tap into your unique potential...

You want to be *thrilled* with the work you do...

... keep scrolling!

As a result, you are likely to feel one or several of the following:

  • super-energized

  • mindblown by your own awesomeness

  • mentally strong, if not kick-ass

  • tuned into yourself more than ever

  • unstoppable

  • certain

  • super clear on where you want to go and how to get there

  • supported by an amazing global community of superhumans


Apply below and you'll receive details in your mailbox
about how you can access the FUEL-UP formula!


Alix is a Full Potential coach supporting humans worldwide to uplevel their professional fulfillment and have their unique potential work for them.


To date, she's started 7 businesses and built teams around them, she's worked for a start-up accelerator and various universities, she's coached over 250 individual clients, given over 50 talks around the globe, ran online programs and set up 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe.


In the past 2,5 years, she's been fully focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while travelling the world. ​​



  • How do I know if this is for me?

    The FUEL-UP formula is for you if you are now in a professional situation in which you know you could use an upgrade. You are perhaps not sure how to go about it, where to even start or know you would benefit from kick-ass resources, support and accountability to ensure what you have in mind actually happens.

  • How much time-investment will be required?

    This is entirely up to you. You simply have access to all the content and you're free to go through it at your own pace. The live workshops will each last ~ 1h. I always recommend to attend them live, because  you can also ask your questions and connect to other superhumans, but you also get all the replays.

  • How do I know it's the right time for this?

    If you resonate with the FUEL-UP formula, now is the right time. I believe in always taking action following what resonates and feels exciting. Because that's showing you the way. If you feel called to what you've read this far on this page, you can always fill in the application form and read through the access details!



Olalla Sabater



During this program I had a personal breakthrough and realized that until then, I had been approaching my work life with an unhelpful mindset and attitude.


Realizing my specific pattern and learning how to shift in practice into an empowering and high-energy space has been a total game-changer for me. 

I've also learned about the importance to invest time in myself to plan, organize, really take care of myself and strengthen my mindset and energy levels to uplevel my work life. I had no clue this was even an option before this program!


I loved the fact that we could each ask questions to Alix directly during the live calls. I also loved the magical guided meditations I got access to, to boost this experience.

Alix is full of energy, motivates you and is very empathetic.

Thank you, Alix - I so look forward to continuing this journey with additional 1-1 sessions with you!!


Teodora Gherasim



This course has been very powerful and inspirational for me. It made me feel limitless and I absolutely loved its content.

Everything from the guided meditations, to the insights about manifesting, to Alix’s step-by-step system to plan my life, which I will keep using now that the course is over. 


I also loved to learn how I can sync activities with my natural energy levels which is something I never did before!

In this program I was reminded in a powerful way that no dream is too big as long as I put in the work.

During our online workshops, I really enjoyed our group conversations and the support this provided for each one of us. 


Alix is very positive, energetic and full of light.


Thank you so much for this program, Alix!



Apply below and you'll receive details in your mailbox
about how you can access the FUEL-UP formula!