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What other humans say

Melani Kalev

Social Media Specialist at Mindvalley

Tallin, Estonia

Trust in Alix. She really knows what she's doing. The powerful mindset and perspective shifts I have had working with her are of incredible value.


I’ve also benefited from a powerful push to take consistent action that’s aligned with what I really want.


I see the tangible progress I’m making week by week. I’ve learned to remove the noise in my life and focus on the things that really matter to me. I’m so grateful and excited for more.

I’m so happy I've been part of this experience. When you're part of it, you're supposed to be part of it. And the group is exactly how it's supposed to be. And you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing.


Whoever has issues with needing to control things, I would remind you to trust the process. I loved how the entire program was structured.

I also connected to a group of powerful, brave and kind women I would love to continue to stay in touch with.

Lisa Jacobs

Strategic Brand Designer & Illustrator

Owner at Lisa Jacobs Design

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Month by month, I’ve completely shifted my life around in the best way possible!


Alix has such a strong network of powerful inspiring people around her, some of whom I got to meet, that I don't normally meet anywhere else, and that have added tremendous value to my life already.


Signing up for a fully digital experience can be odd if, like me, you've never done it before. But when you're immersed in a group that is custom and totally aligned with you, it's so easy to dive in and powerfully connect with others, regardless of whether there's a screen in between or not. I made incredible connections. 

When like these days the situation doesn't always allow us to meet in person, and you're stuck at home, this is an incredible opportunity to take powerful steps towards your dreams right away - in ways you would have never imagined before. All from the comfort of your own home?! I’m so glad I was part of this.

Alix: thank you for everything so far!!

How it works:

  • I personally curate highly synergetic groups of women from all over the world.

  • Once the groups are formed, I assess the profiles and current growth situation and goals of every individual woman.

  • Based on the above, I fully tailor the 3-month experience for optimal results for each woman.

  • The detailed week-by-week program is never revealed :) Participants enter the experience ready to embrace the
    3 months having been designed for them one week at a time.

What other humans say

Linda Krüger

Influencer Marketing Manager at Gymondo

Berlin, Germany

Alix will give you all the tools to follow your goals and grow into your potential - but you will have to get moving and start doing. Then you will see what can happen and how you can transform. She has a lot of spiritual and personal development knowledge which inspired me to learn more about myself and where my strengths lie.


Alix is very honest and pushes you into the right direction. She really believes in your full potential and makes you trust in the process. She also teaches you to be more grateful and see the achievements you make.


My favourite things about the Mastermind experience were the honesty, the support, the extra push for my next kick-ass high impact moves as well as all the relevant personal work which brought me to many key realizations.


I learned that mindset is key! I always thought I would hardly be able to achieve any routine in my life but I have and it feels so good. I believe in myself and own my success.


I loved the amazing ladies I connected with. I got so inspired with positive vibes, everyone has their own unique journey and we really supported and cheered on each other which felt so uplifting and empowering.


Thank you Alix for kicking my ass, showing me how to believe in myself and really your uplifting energy! I hope we will continue to follow our journeys after this Mastermind and keep in touch. You're a great inspiration for me.

Helena Martínez Soler

Senior Manager Global Partnerships at FC Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

This is not for everybody, this is only for superhumans! If you are an ambitious person, a dreamer, you want to kick ass, grow... Alix is your person. She will guide and empower you to unleash your potential and achieve whatever you truly want. You will deserve it because it will be you making things happen! My biggest advice here is - the best thing you can do is invest in yourself!

I have realised that I am in the right place, on the right path and going in the right direction. Alix has helped me to stay ambitious and know I can achieve whatever I want.

The Mastermind experience has given me serenity, clarity & ownership. Celebrating wins is now a routine. I now also have 4 new friends and a mentor!

I have created already visible results, I feel proud of myself and of what I have achieved in only 3 months and how motivated I am to keep achieving new things.

I felt very good in a curated environment with more women like me and Alix's guidance, tips and exercises that I feel I can keep for the rest of my life.

Thank you Alix

Mastermind program


At the beginning of the experience​, you complete an assessment to define your most powerful growth points.

You'll then receive your Mastermind digital blueprint and progress tracker to celebrate your wins week by week.

Every week, you'll take exciting steps towards your dreams goals and have the group accountability and support.

I am available for every woman throughout.
You'll get to know every person really well, and benefit from mutual synergies. 

We'll have 2 powerful group growth sessions per month (~ 1h30 each, on Tuesday evenings).
You'll also schedule 2 x 1h individual deep-dive sessions with me.




May 2021

  • 1 x 1h deep-dive session 1:1 with Alix

  • 2 x 1h30 group call intensives

  • Accountability with your pair

  • Weekly wins & accountability

  • Personal progress tracker



June 2021

  • 1 x 1h deep-dive session 1:1 with Alix

  • 2 x 1h30 group call intensives

  • Accountability with your pair

  • Weekly wins & accountability

  • Personal progress tracker



July 2021

  • 2 x 1h30 group call intensives

  • Accountability with your pair

  • Weekly wins & accountability

  • Personal progress tracker


Mastermind experience: May 1 - July 30, 2021.

Group sessions happen on Tuesdays, 17.30-19.00 CET (Paris/Madrid time).

1:1 sessions are scheduled via my online calendar.

What other humans say

Kristina Schneider

Sales Enablement Manager at Userlane

Munich, Germany

Alix is energetic while telling you to finally get the ball rolling. The most important thing is that you and your coach "click". From minute one on the phone, I knew that we both connected. We laughed while talking about serious self-development.


Working with Alix has given me the ability to reflect on my own thoughts and the feeling of understanding my situation.


During the Mastermind I loved hearing about other people's growth and connecting with women I would have never met otherwise.


I learned that every journey is different, I need to be in the right mindset to be able to work on myself and that accountability is key.


My biggest learning is about my mindset, because I know I'm ambitious, I know I can set myself goals and work through them. These three months were a perfect mindset shift and now I'm ready to tackle the things.

Paulina Kania

Program Manager at Startup Live GmbH

Vienna, Austria

The Mastermind was epic, mindset-changing, energetic and incredible!


During the experience I gained the tools that helped me structure my self-development, leverage my energy and work with my own female cycle energies. I also learned that I can transform my mindset.


I loved sharing wins, supporting and motivating each other. The whole experience transformed my mindset growth.


I learned that when it hurts (it's uncomfortable), it means it's a growth process. I started believing in myself, in my superpowers, my skills and gained clarity in my life - what I want and how I want to live my best life.


I am grateful for our meeting and working together, it was life-changing! Still more to come and I am so excited about it!

How this will make you feel if you show up:

After going through one of the 3-month Masterminds, it is highly unlikely that you don't:

  • Feel supercharged and ready to rock your next steps

  • Feel super inspired and excited about your life

  • Feel grateful for the superhumans you've connected with (that you probably wouldn't have met otherwise)

And also:

  • Feel WAY more clear about your goals, your focus areas and how to grow towards them with flow and momentum

  • Know much more about yourself, your blind spots and the most strategic areas for you to tackle for maximum fulfillment in your life

  • Feel major personal + professional progress you didn't even consider *before* this Mastermind

you unlock

Upon sign-up

  • A surprise welcome gift!

  • Access to your private Facebook and WhatsApp group

  • Your personal growth tracker

  • 6 x 1h30 transformative sessions with your group

  • A soulmate accountability buddy 

  • 2 x 1h deep-dive sessions 1-1 with me

  • Access to my Full Potential Online Library
    (12h+ of video content)

Feeling this is your call?


80% of the spots are already taken.

Spots fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once I'm happy with a group, enrollment closes for that group.

If you feel this 3-month experience would be what you need right now to

energize yourself into your most epic next level of professional fulfillment,

tell me below so I can consider you while I curate this edition!

What other humans say

Catherine Barth

Communications at Roche

Basel, Switzerland

When I started working with Alix I was completely lost. My life was good, but I didn't know what I wanted out of it or how to truly improve and work on myself. She gave me the proper tools to start exploring those questions while tailoring the coaching to my character and my situation. And most importantly, she provided a safe and empowering environment with some guardrails where I was held accountable, but was still free enough to experiment on my own, fail and succeed!


Throughout my work with Alix I have learned how to efficiently break down goals into actionable steps while taking every area of life or aspect of a person into account, how to take control of what can be controlled and trust what can't.


During the 3 months I loved that whenever we shared even the smallest of achievements within the group I felt this overwhelming sense of support. Always so much positivity and compassion, both in the group and 1:1 calls.


Most importantly, I learned to TRUST THE PROCESS. You can achieve anything you want if you work on your mindset, put in the effort and right action and then let it all unfold the way it's supposed to.


I also enjoyed learning about cycle syncing! I hadn't been aware of this concept before but it was a huge revelation.


Thank you, Alix!

Anna Tishkova

Personal Branding & Lifestyle Photographer

Brussels, Belgium

After our first contact with Alix, I understood that working with Alix will be something out of the ordinary. Her confidence and inner energy transfer to you and inspire you in some invisible ways. With Alix you feel safe. She pushes you to go through your doubts and reach new heights in your business. During the Mastermind experience I’ve already made some significant changes about the way I look at my business.


I've learned that you should keep going for things you really want, to value and appreciate yourself and to stay positive and confident.


During the experience I learned that you should value yourself enough to go big with your goal and be proud of your wins no matter how big or small. Also that it's ok to take time for yourself to refocus and that it's important to to set your goals & priorities, and write down a plan of action.


I loved the amount of positive energy and support throughout the Mastermind, all that gives you a huge kick and inspiration to create and move forward.


Alix is a gem! And meeting all the other girls from the group was really cool, loved the atmosphere.


Thank you so much Alix, I am so happy to have met you and I look forward for our next steps together.

I want to apply for a mastermind group!
Leave your best answers below - good luck!


On a scale of 1-10, how eager are you to experience the Mastermind?

What is your main work occupation right now? 

What are the main challenges you'd like support in?

What would you like to get out of this experience?

One sentence why I should pick you!

Any last words you'd like to add?

Congratulations :)
I'll contact you for a synergy chat if fitting.


Alix Rufas

Alix is a Full Potential speaker and coach supporting humans worldwide to uplevel their professional fulfillment and have their unique potential work *for* them.


To date, she's started 7 businesses and built teams around them, she's worked for a start-up accelerator and various universities, she's coached over 300 individual clients, given over 50 talks around the globe, ran multiple transformative online programs and led 
10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe.


In the past 3 years, she's been exclusively focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while running her programs and events.


She's incredibly passionate about and committed to empowering superhumans around the world to thrive on their full professional potential.​​​

What other humans say


Katarzyna Ciszek

Growth Marketer & Podcaster

Ghent, Belgium

Working with Alix has helped me discover how to approach a personal project to really make it happen. She helped me find clarity and learn what I need for consistent execution. Alix has curated a group of truly inspiring women, who also held me accountable to stick to my goal.


The Mastermind experience was personally groundbreaking to me and I would recommend it to anyone. I discovered techniques to optimize my energy and keep a flow in taking action towards my goals, prioritising on my key moves and received regular support with lots of motivating, positive energy from Alix!


The curation of the group, the support, inspiration and the accountability for everyone to reach their goals were my favourite parts throughout the 3 months.


I learnt that taking care of my body and mind consistently is the basis of everything and that with a little accountability I can do anything. I achieved more than I expected in such a short amount of time.


I loved the no-bullshit attitude of Alix to help me get to the core of my goals instead of beating around the bush, which I would probably still be doing if I didn't join.


Thank you for this experience Alix, I'm looking forward to working together in the next Masterminds!

Viktoria Roussina

Business Development Manager at Jenah St.

Berlin, Germany

If your goal is to take action, then working with Alix is the right thing to do. With Alix, you will not only learn the difference between impactful and not so impactful actions but also explore a thousand ways on HOW you can take those impactful actions - the mindset, the strategy, the tricks, the action itself. Just do it.


She's supported me with guidance towards taking action (I sooo need this), finding the starting point to take the first small step and the mirroring that sparks mega insights.


Throughout the experience I learned that I'm responsible for my financial abundance (just as I'm responsible for my romantic abundance). I also realized that by doing things and seeing they're not for me I can get clarity about what IS for me. Finally, saying no to things that don't align with my focus is important to keep my work-passion-hobby-realtionships-balance (& it feels freaking awesome!)

I gained a new friend and a lot of confidence in the value I bring.


The group calls were really good, I enjoyed the interactive aspect of them + all the homework. Sometimes it felt like "I don't have the time" but it helped knowing all the others in the group are doing it as well and MAKING the time for it.


Thank you Alix for being the superhuman-role model! Always so positive, energetic and real! Mega inspiration on so many different levels!

What other humans say


Kyra Nijland

PX Email Designer - Author (Bose Corporation) & Graphic Designer

Heerlen, Netherlands

The Mastermind experience was empowering! I'm grateful for everyone's wins and positive outcomes. And to make a tailored program for everyone is really kick-ass. Love it. I would highly recommend working with Alix, whatever stage you are in. You can dive in and just ride that wave!


Working with her has given me clarity, accountability and personalised steps for growth.


During the 3 months I enjoyed the group energy, the actions that I took and working on my future! I loved all the empowerment and personal cheerleaders and of course, Alix!


I got rid of my self sabotage, got a better money mindset, connected with new awesome people and gained CLARITY of my new goals.


Thanks so much again, Alix, for pushing me in the right direction! I love how you tailored this Mastermind and how I personally grew so much again! Can't wait to see what will happen next! At this point everything seems possible!

Jenny Song Schmidt

Lead Influencer Marketing & Social Media at Gymondo

Berlin, Germany

Alix has positively impacted my life on many levels. She continues to bring value through her positive energy and her nuggets (and mountains) of wisdom. And the thing about Alix is that it isn't just words, but it directly translates into actions. High impact actions. If you have the chance to work with Alix, don't hesitate.


From the sessions with Alix I've gained great energy and valuable input that nudges me in a good direction in situations I don't have clarity.


The Mastermind experience was inspiring. I enjoyed the accountability of the group, the group calls & the 1:1s with Alix.


My top takeaways were - DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS! And connect to your higher self that wants to bring value to the table. Flex the muscle of having the conversation with the right people.


I loved the great high vibe-curation of everyone on the group & the amount of value we get on the group calls.

What other humans say

Ariane Schuessler

Owner & Coach at Der Ariane Faden

Freiburg, Germany

Working with Alix has given me energy, life hacks and clarity on what baby steps to take next. If you want to take ownership of your life - this is your girl to get you there.


I really enjoyed the combination of the group aspect and 1-1 calls during the Mastermind and I loved the way it was curated.


The atmosphere was supportive, expanding and felt like a safe space to work in. Growing together is so much fun.


Thank you Alix - it was wonderful. The last few months had some tricky moments and this was a great supportive format to keep me going and to focus on my biz.

Olalla Sabater Sanz

Owner at The Chestnut Studio

Brussels, Belgium

This mastermind is great because you get the energy from the group and a more personalized approach with the individual calls, so you get the best of both worlds. I also loved the sessions with the accountability partner. I gained so much clarity, motivation and self-awareness from this mastermind!


I loved the energy and every person of the group and even gained a new friendship. I also understood that taking action is what moves you forward.


Thank you so much Alix, I loved this experience!



My first round of 2021 Masterminds is full!

30 incredible women are currently going through a transformative growth process - in 3 parallel & intimate groups (January-April 2021).

Next round: May-July, 2021.

80% of the spots are already taken! Scroll down to apply for one of the remaining spots.

My Masterminds are 3-month experiences designed to uplift and energize you into forward-momentum towards your most fulfilling professional life.

During these 3 months, you'll get:

  • Clear on your strategic focus points for professional fulfillment

  • Weekly accountability & forward momentum ​

  • Warmth, support and connection with highly synergetic women

  • High-level individual coaching to unlock your unique potential

  • Tangible growth towards your most fulfilling professional life


This is a personalized, high-energy and intimate group experience
(max. 12 women per Mastermind group). It is designed for maximum
uplevel for each person signed up. You will tangibly leap towards your most fulfilling professional life in a way that feels energizing, aligned and thrilling.


What can you

  • Tangible breakthrough progress, weekly

  • Exciting synergy with soulmate women based all around Europe

  • Grow in a way that feels amazingly kick-ass and expansive

  • Transformative 1:1 sessions with me

  • Looking back, after 3 months, and deeply thanking your past self

  • Amazing, energizing momentum moving forward

This is your chance to:

  • Secure an epic professional fulfillment uplevel for 2021

  • Define strategic goals and rock them

  • Enter an energizing forward-momentum

  • Learn to keep your cup *overflowing*

  • Learn a lot about yourself

  • Secure a kick-ass & synergetic supportive community of women from all over the world 

  • Make the most out of 2021 and create a solid foundation for your most fulfilling growth.

And also:

  • The 12 women part of each group are carefully selected for maximum synergy - if you're selected for one of the groups, it's meant to be.

  • The program of each Mastermind group is UNIQUE & TAILORED to the 12 women part of it.

  • You get the individual attention, the group energy and support and the kick-ass program all in one.

  • And of course, you get my energy, coaching and personal guidance throughout!

You're eligible to apply to one of the Mastermind groups if you recognize yourself in this profile:

Solopreneur / dream income streams

Maybe you're employed, maybe you have your own freelance business, maybe you're searching for your next professional chapter. In any case, you'd like to develop your passion projects and ideally monetize them optimally. It is perhaps the first time you'd monetize as a self-employed person and you want to set yourself up for success. You want to enjoy the process, have fun developing what you love, and reap fulfilling fruits from your efforts.

If you recognize yourself in this profile, you're eligible to apply for a Mastermind group. Each group has a maximum of 12 curated and highly synergetic women from all over the world with a common growth focus.

What other humans say


Florentina Olareanu

Founder at Golden Hour Pictures

Vienna, Austria

Alix is a brilliant, supportive leader who has changed my life. She transmits such a strong sense of unstoppable growth and confidence.

I absolutely loved fully immersing myself in this digital experience. It gave me a strong sense of empowerment. I didn’t expect to have SEVERAL breakthroughs. I got over myself and executed on my ideas finally - on the spot!


My ability to concentrate within this context was a game changer. 


The group was amazing and I so welcomed this sense of curated community and powerful connections within this digital format.


Especially during times of Covid, when it feels more difficult to connect to like-minded people and attend events, this is an amazing opportunity for those looking to improve their lives, both on a business or on a personal level. 

Thank you for changing my life and being in it, Alix.


Auguste Kakneviciute

London, UK

My work with Alix has been transformative. I took my mindset, productivity and business life to the next level.


It brought LOTS of action-taking support, accountability, encouragement, and tons of clarity. I can see the incredible progress I’ve made for myself during this period, all the ways I left my comfort zone, the plans I made, the actions I took, the things that came to life…

I also loved all the amazing women I got to meet. I didn’t expect I’d make such powerful connections digitally. I loved the vibe and feeling the support within all the girls. I now feel like I have a personal group of cheerleaders!

If you feel like you need a kick in the ass - this experience does exactly that! 

Feeling strong, empowered and determined now more than ever.