My mastermind groups for Q1 of 2021 are full!
Applications for the next round are open, see below.

Dates of next round: May 4 - July 30, 2021

My Masterminds are kick-ass, 3-month experiences designed to uplift and energize you into forward-momentum towards your dream goals.

You get accountability, community, warmth, connection with highly synergetic humans, clarity around your goals, execution towards them and my personal guidance throughout.

My first round of 2021 Masterminds is full and will run until April 2021.

The next round will begin May 4 2021, to last until July 30 2021.

You can apply to join the next Mastermind round if you fit in one of the 3 Mastermind groups running in parallel:












What's so awesome about this experience?

This is your chance to:​

  • Secure an epic professional fulfillment megaboost for 2021

  • Define clear + useful + exciting goals for the year and get going with them

  • Stay focused and in an exciting forward-momentum while keeping your cup full

  • Rock epic alignment and growth in both your personal + professional life

  • Secure a kick-ass & synergetic community of superhumans full of great energy

  • Make everything work for you and make the most out of 2021

  • ... and of course, you get my energy, coaching and personal guidance in the process

... and also:

  • The 10 humans part of each group are carefully selected for maximum synergy - if you're selected for one of the groups, it's meant to be.

  • The content of each Mastermind group is NEW, UNIQUE & entirely TAILORED to each of the 10 humans part of it.

  • I closely supervise and guide each group for 3 months, thinking of each individual.

  • I am available to every person signed up via WhatsApp throughout the process.

  • ... you get the individual attention, the group energy and the kick-ass program all in one.

What you get, more concretely


Upon sign-up, you get access to a kick-ass 3-month experience:

  • A welcome gift!

  • 6 x 1h30 epic sessions with your intimate Mastermind group 

  • 3 x 1h sessions individually with me

  • My Full Potential Online Library (8h+ video content)

  • Your personal growth blueprint tracker

  • Access to me via WhatsApp

  • Your private Mastermind Facebook group

  • Your private Mastermind WhatsApp group

Your Mastermind growth timeline:


    KICK-OFF (Rules of the game, intros, program)


  • Homework + accountability + wins celebration

  •  1 x 1h individual session with Alix.





  • Homework + accountability + wins celebration

  •  1 x 1h individual session with Alix.




  • Homework + accountability

  •  1 x 1h individual session with Alix.

How this will make you feel if you show up for it

After going through one of the 3-month Masterminds, it is highly unlikely that you don't:

  • Feel supercharged and ready to rock your next steps

  • Feel super inspired and excited about your life

  • Feel grateful for the superhumans you've connected with
    (that you probably wouldn't have met otherwise)

  • Feel WAY more clear about your goals, your focus areas
    and how to grow towards them with flow and momentum

  • Know much more about yourself, your blind spots and
    the most strategic areas for you to tackle
    for maximum fulfillment in your life

  • Feel major personal + professional progress you didn't even consider *before* this Mastermind



There's only 10 spots per Mastermind group.

All 3 groups are already filling up.

This goes on a first come, first serve basis.

As soon as I'm happy with each of the groups,
applications will close.


There's only 10 spots per Mastermind group.

All 3 groups are already filling up.

This goes on a first come, first serve basis.

As soon as I'm happy with each of the groups,
applications will close.


Julia Mohr

Founder of Friends Connection

Hamburg, Germany

Alix is a very empathetic, authentic and high-energy coach who supports and motivates you along your transformational journey.

Along the process you will learn a lot about yourself, your personal superpowers and how to unlock your full potential. 

Lena Bradaric

High-performance Coach, Former national team player (Basketball), Founder of DBA

Bad-Aibling, Germany

I love Alix's presence and energy. Her coaching is like an electroshock with love. She will be very honest, you will likely take uncomfortable but necessary action.


I see this as an epic investment in yourself that will electrify you into your next level of growth.

Viktoria Roussina

Building her personal brand and working at an amazing vegan Fashion start-up.


Berlin, Germany

I've become aware of my true calling, made the adjustments in my schedule to attend to that, and have taken lots of action - setting it into motion in the real world!


This is a life-changing investment in yourself, and those are really priceless!


Alix is a Full Potential coach supporting humans worldwide to uplevel their professional fulfillment and have their unique potential work *for* them.


To date, she's started 7 businesses and built teams around them, she's worked for a start-up accelerator and various universities, she's coached over 300 individual clients, given over 50 talks around the globe, ran online programs and hosted 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe.


In the past 2,5 years, she's been exclusively focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while running her programs and events. ​​

Ariane Schuessler

Creative Clarity Coach at
Der Ariane Faden


Freiburg, Germany

Within the first year of working with Alix, I turned my hobby into a profitable business and tripled my income with it! I now regularly sign new clients.


I love Alix’s enthusiasm about life and her practical tips and mindset hacks to change my perspective on any given subject and get me out of unhelpful situations. 

Lisa Jacobs


Strategic Brand Designer
& Illustrator


Eindhoven, The Netherlands

 Signing up for a fully digital experience sounded odd to me at first, especially because I'd never done it before. But when you're immersed in a group that is custom and totally aligned with you, it's so easy to dive in. Especially these days, when the situation reduces face-to-face interactions and you're stuck at home, with this sort of experience you can get incredible connections AND move forward with your growth totally exceeding your expectations. All in the comfort of your own home?! I'm SO glad I went for it.

Florentina Olareanu

Photographer & Founder at Golden Hour Pictures


Vienna, Austria

What I got from Alix's latest group digital experience end of 2020? A powerful and so welcome sense of community, especially during times of COVID. Also: a major boost business wise and in my personal life too. During this digital experience, I had SEVERAL breakthroughs.  The group was amazing and my ability to concentrate within this container was a game changer. Alix has changed my life and I'm so grateful to be part of several of her programs.


There's only 11 spots per Mastermind group.

All 3 groups are already filling up.

This goes on a first come, first serve basis.

As soon as I'm happy with each of the groups,
applications will close.



  • How do I know if this is for me?

    Great question. Here's a few pointers to support your decision-making:

  1. The first step is seeing if you identify with one of the 3 Mastermind sub-groups:
  • GROUP 1: 
    Experienced entrepreneurs with tangible track-record 

    This group of superhumans is of all ages. It's made of natural/born entrepreneurs who've been managing one or several of their own companies in the last 3 years at least. It's made of men and women who are doers, no-nonsense and naturally good at what they do but who might be seeking support to take things to the next level. Generally, they've reached a plateau with their own business, or feel they could use a mindset/energetic revamp to uplevel their influence as a leader. Ultimately, they want to feel more alive and successful AND they also want to see tangible growth within their business in record-time.


  • GROUP 2:
    Self-leadership for kick-ass employees

    This group of superhumans is generally 23-36 years old, mainly based around Europe (or originally from it). It's made of natural overachievers and high-performers with ambition who want to strengthen the relationship they have with themselves. You fit here if your professional track-record so far is quite awesome, you are or have been until recently in a full-time job, have learned a lot, but want to work on yourself a little now. You want to understand your unique combination of superpowers, connect to yourself, understand your unique path and purpose, and how to make the most out of YOU and YOUR potential.


  • GROUP 3:
    Building exciting (side)hustles, businesses and income streams in the smartest way

    This group of superhumans is based worldwide, of all ages. Superhumans passionate about creating profit with purpose. Some even just exploring potentially monetizable passion projects, some in the first year(s) of their purposeful business. They are looking for support in executing on the right things, with confidence, while seeing their ideas flourish in a very tangible way.


2. The second step (if you do identify with one of the sub-groups above) is seeing if you resonate with my style and energy. Take a look around on this site, on my socials,... And see if on a personal level you resonate with me. If not, then I am probably not the person for you. If you're still intrigued, I invite you to apply. Based on your answers, I will get a feel for your profile. If you get lucky, you'll be invited for an assessment chat.

  • How much time-investment will be required?

    You can get an idea with the month-by-month program above on this page. In general, superhumans working with me care about their potential, dreams and goals - and what we tackle is exactly that. So time is not really the question. It is eventually up to you how much time you invest in practice. And I make it very clear at the beginning of the program, exactly what to do to make the most out of it :)

  • How do I know it's the right time for this?

    If you've resonated all the way until here, now is probably the right time :) I believe in taking action following what feels right in your gut. A sense of excitement and expansion and growth. And I believe in taking chances before we're ready. My advice if you resonate: drop your application below and let the universe take care of next steps.



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(max. 10 people)


(max. 10 people)

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