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Future Self

Free Bundle


Dive into your best possible future with this magical and otherworldly video bundle that has consistently been the TOP favorite of our community in the past 5 years.

It brings people to tears, pure joy, hope and excitement all at once.

Inside the bundle:
Pre-recorded precious videos + bonus audio mediation.

  • Introduction & meet your guide - Alix.

  • Part 1:  An incredibly potent guided visualization that literally has you travel into the best version of your future. It brings people to tears so often. Clients listen to it on repeat as an incredibly powerful self-coaching tool.

  • Part 2:  A guided freewriting exercise in which your Future Self takes over and has you write a message for the present you - it is quite something to see your own hand write words that your mind is not really dictating. This is such a powerful grounding + expansive practice.

  • An audio version of the visualization & journaling for you to have on your phone and listen to any time

  • Your possible next steps and recommendations moving forward


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