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Financial Planning: Personal + Business
Financial Literacy is the New Sexy

Instant-access a Masterclass recorded live in early 2023
& a bonus financial planner.

Receive the financial planner that Alix has been using for years and that all her clients work with.

It's a planner that allows you to track how much you spend on what, when - and how much is coming in, when. You can use it for years to come - for both personal and professional/business finances. If you have an accountant - they'll love that you have this document up-to-date.

This planner is your life's Treasury.
Alix calls it the Golden Foundation
(upon which your most epically aligned & abundant life can be built on).



Finally create the time to look at and/or update your financial tracking and planning.

In this Masterclass, Alix will show you live how to correctly fill in the financial planner you'll receive - for both your personal bank account(s) as well as your (potential future) business bank accounts. It is so much more straightforward than many people think. When you learn to master it, it's incredibly empowering.

You'll be able to fill in your own planner during the Masterclass and you'll likely feel oh so proud.



Understand how to manage the numbers behind your life & optimize them

Alix explains all this in detail inside her Business School. Here, you'll get a great executive summary on what to do once the planner filled. How to optimize your finances, how to set up an aligned and effective saving strategy per categories, investment strategies, etc.



Your action plan for 2023

Once the above steps are completed, you'll have so much more clarity around the ACTUALLY helpful actions for 2023 if you want to transform your financial life for the better. Alix will share some initial suggestions.


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P.S..: If you can't find our e-mail in your mailbox - check your spam.


Receive your own copy of the Financial Planner and learn to fill it in during the Masterclass. You'll be able to ask your questions about it live.

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