Your profound uplevel with me

To date, I have individually coached 300+ incredible leaders around the world. I have led 10 leadership retreats. And given 50+ public talks. I have also created multiple online programs and transformative digital experiences.


I am incredibly passionate about empowering humans around the world to thrive on their full professional potential.

However, since the beginning of 2020, in order to maximize my impact and reach, together with my team we've been developing a series of digital containers that enable us to  support an increasing number of people while keeping our high-impact quality standard.

In 2021, I am running various Mastermind programs in parallel, developing digital products, growing my team, mentoring incredible women via The Female Factor, writing for Brainz Magazine, and more.

What does this mean?

My 1:1 openings are limited and precious.

I am very careful about who I decide to invest my time and energy in when it comes to 1:1 coaching. It is important to me to work with highly synergetic matches only. 


Is this you?

In 2021, I am only taking in 1:1 clients within one of these profiles:

  • Experienced entrepreneurs leading one or several teams

  • Women wanting to / currently developing their dream business (activities)

​Within these categories, I work mainly with women who are driven, determined and very eager to truly take their professional and business lives to the next level.​

They are open-minded and want to feel high on life about their work, feeling expansive, accomplished, energized and super proud.


The 1:1 coaching

My standard 1:1 coaching program lasts 6 months and is a € 5.000,- investment. My clients tend to be very loyal and generally choose to renew their experience with me for an average of 1,5 to 2 years.


This allows us to profoundly revamp all facets of what it means for them to thrive on their full professional potential.

However, the first time I agree to work 1:1 with someone new, I offer them a standard "kick-off" pack to give our synergy potential our best shot first. This is a € 3.500,- investment and lasts 4 months. An installment plan is available.

In these 4 months, we have a 1h session over Zoom every 2 weeks (8 x 1h in total). In between sessions, there is work to do :) 

I am  available on WhatsApp for support and accountability throughout.

My 1:1 clients also get access to my global community of superhumans (Facebook group) as well as my Online Library.

What other humans say


Laura Van der Vorst

Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFX

Hamburg, Germany

Working with Alix has been incredibly empowering, helpful and transformative. Not only did she ignite a huge mindset shift, she made me feel like faith is in my own hands again.


Alexia Chatzidimitriou

Project Finance Manager at Hilton Worldwide

Dubai, UAE

Alix has such a powerful way of connecting with humans, and giving them the tools to reach heights they would not imagine possible. 


Jenny Schmidt

Senior Manager Social & Influencer Marketing

Berlin, Germany

Alix is the real deal. She empowers me to take action towards my dreams and goals. I love her positivity and contagious energy that keep on inspiring me continuously.

Melani Kalev

Social Media Specialist at Mindvalley

Tallin, Estonia

Trust in Alix. She really knows what she's doing. The powerful mindset and perspective shifts I have had working with her are of incredible value.

How it works:

My coaching style is filled with passion and commitment; and it is no-nonsense, direct and very results-focused. 

My role as a coach is to empower my clients to get to their dream results (or better) in the most thrilling way possible.

I work mainly with 3 key pillars: 1. State (Mindset and Energy); 2) Strategy and 3) Action. 

I am very sensitive to every person, and within 1:1 work, I always fully tailor the strategy and tools to what the most empowering next step is for that specific individual.

We laugh - yet I stretch, challenge and confront my clients. And my intention is always to empower them to the max. I want my clients to look back at their 1:1 experience and think of it as one of the best decisions they made in their lives.

What other humans say


Florentina Olareanu

Owner at Golden Hour Pictures

Vienna, Austria

Alix is a brilliant, supportive leader who has changed my life. She transmits such a strong sense of unstoppable growth and confidence. Thank you for changing my life and being in it, Alix.

Cristina Torras de Fortuny

Founder and CEO at Bohodot 

Barcelona, Spain

Since the beginning of working with Alix, I've hired 3 new employees and the revenue of my business has majorly increased. To anyone considering to work with Alix: don't overthink it and invest in yourself.


Auguste Kakneviciute

IoT Sales Specialist at Ubuntu

London, UK

My work with Alix has been transformative. I took my mindset, productivity and business life to the next level. Feeling strong, empowered and determined now more than ever. THANK YOU, Alix!

Lisa Yu

Entrepreneur, Start-up Advisor and Executive Coach

Los Angeles, US

I love Alix's energy and passion for humans. Alix is passionate about creating positive change in your life, and she's very honest and direct. Working with her has been incredibly positive. If you’re considering working with Alix - JUST DO IT!

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