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4-day leadership intensives

Since 2018, I've created & led 10 leadership retreats around Europe for my clients.

Each retreat averages ~12 carefully curated humans who fly from different European countries to meet and experience something epic together. 

My retreats are high-energy and not for everyone.

I normally only invite humans who are driven, high-energy, a little competitive, very eager and with experience (or at least interest) in entrepreneurship.

Elements that have been included in previous editions:


Skydive jump, intensive business training, guest speakers and serial entrepreneurs, leadership mentorship, workouts with our private personal trainer, incredible local food, quality time in breath-taking nature, SPA treat incl. massages, and more!


To be informed of upcoming leadership retreats, please sign up to the waitlist:

In the meantime, feel free to explore content of my previous retreat editions in Spain, Portugal and Italy:

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