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The School Where New World Businesses Come To Life

New World Business: a conscious business deeply aligned with your values and unique magic, here to create a positive impact in the world.

From zero to a published website and a registered company in under 6 months.

"I entered the Business School without a clear idea of what I wanted to do. I just knew I didn't want to stay at my corporate job forever. So I trusted Alix. 6 months later, I was ready to work with my first clients." E., The Netherlands

The Epically Aligned
Business School

500+ students worldwide in the past 5 years

30+ nationalities

students in almost every continent

program available in English and French

warm & highly synergetic community of conscious women

Leading & most international Online Business School for conscious women in Europe, with over 30 nationalities in its client community. 

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"This Business School is the first of its kind that teaches women to develop aligned and sustainable active and passive income streams in a way that is deeply effective because of its holistic approach. Pushing a strategy without soul & energetic alignment doesn't work anymore. I've been a teacher inside this Business School and here women learn about cutting-edge strategies they implement paired with an incredible energetic upgrade." 

Lisa, Investor, Los Angeles

Do you have a voice in the back of your head whispering "there's something else for you to do"?

You've been considering starting your own business. Or you'd LOVE to get the clarity around which business to start. How to start. You've never been successfuly self-employed before, but you know something inside you will regret it if you don't give it a try. 


Maybe you feel ready to turn your passion into a successful business. Or you just want to explore what this would look like. Or you already have a dream business idea, but feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Perhaps you're looking for guidance and support as you navigate generating your own income for the first time.


Perhaps you dream of...


Being able to set your own rules. Working from wherever you want. Choosing which days and hours of the day to work. Removing any limitations on your income by not relying on a capped salary. *Finally* monetizing your true zone of genius- abundantly.  Stepping away from limiting environments and outdated (belief) systems. Exceeding all your income expectations. Setting up your most magnetic brand and most prolific income streams. Choosing who you work with. Setting up the foundation for an abundant lifestyle for you and perhaps your family too.


Having systems supporting your nervous system and having your income grow as you glow-up more and more every year.

But right now you might feel like...

You've been going in circles in your head. You're tired of NOT taking action. You're overthinking everything. You're overwhelmed and not sure where to start. You're worried that if nothing changes, you might deeply regret it in the future. You're having difficulties believing in yourself.

Deep down, you KNOW you're not meant to figure this out all alone. Building income streams or a business by definition requires other people (people that pay you, people that help you build the business, people that support you,...).

You're not even sure you're ready, or if it's the right time.


Breaking news: there is never a perfect moment in time to have a (business) baby. Also, building your own income for the first time (outside of a salary-job) will require trial-and-error, mistakes, a learning curve... It is incredibly useful to JUST START figuring out the first steps so that you can get through the initial brainstorm and trial-and-error phase a.s.a.p. You'll then have SO much more intel grounded in external feedback outside your own head.

This is why we created the E.A. Business School

To reconnect you to your truth, your core, your true mission

To give you crystal-clarity around your most aligned income streams

To re-wire your mindset, energy and belief system so that you truly embody your highest self

To walk you, step-by-step through how to set up your most magnetic brand, income streams and soul-based prosperity

Program Walkthrough

Alix walks you through the various parts, modules and elements carefully designed for you inside your Business School experience.


The Business School
might be for you if...

  • You've never been successfully self-employed before, yet it's been on your mind to explore that for a while now

  • You are not sure if you're ready but you feel that trusting this experience might change everything for you

  • You know it is time to take responsibility for your financial life

  • You would LOVE for someone to kick your a** firmly and with love (electroshock with love)

  • You crave community and meaningful premium connections & networking

  • You would LOVE to have your magic work for you, growing your prosperity as you create a beautiful impact in the world through your work

  • Having multiple abundant income streams financing your best life is something you KNOW is possible, you might just benefit from a little support along the way to make that happen

The Business School
is not for you if...

  • You are not willing to take action

  • You are not willing to stop complaining

  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your (financial) life

  • You are not willing to put your ego aside and open yourself to learning, be coached and soak up an entire new possibility for your life

  • You always want to be right

  • You have convinced yourself that you need to figure everything out by yourself

  • You are not open to evolving

  • You are not willing to invest your time, energy and money into a transformative experience

  • You are not open to having your beliefs and (in)actions challenged

Our approach

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We rewire your mind so that it
supports your wildest dreams

​You'll learn about managing your ego and embracing your higher self

You'll implement powerful daily practices that increase and strenghten your vibration



You'll learn to tap into an ideal version of you in the future

We'll reverse-engineer your highest timeline

We'll develop a powerful strategy for deep transformation that is anchored in your unique soul blueprint



You'll learn about High-Impact Actions: actions that have a high impact towards your ideal future.

You'll also clean up Low-Impact Actions from your life (procrastinating, signing up to one theoretical training after the other...).

You'll implement High Impact Actions and enter an exhilarating forward-motion.

Training Style

  • To-the-point, fiery and results-focused 

  • Conscious of your unique energy, human design, astro

  • Lean, light and efficient strategies

  • Action & implementation-focused

  • Warm, cheerful, supportive & expansive atmosphere

  • No-nonsense coaching

Inside the Business School, you are focused on your unique business goals and on implementing the unique strategy we design for you as an individual person in our first 1:1 call. You benefit from the group calls and school resources to move forward with your goals, for accountability and support.

N.B. : Only true matches receive an invitation to integrate one of our cohorts through the year.

Our Guest Magicians


Karen is Alix's Energetician. They have been working together since end of 2021. They are both Leos from the same week in August. Karen lives in Cannes, France.

Karen now comes as a special guest inside each Business School group and Weekend Intensive to clear energetically every individual woman in depth.


She starts with a general first deep cleanse and then will clear and activate one by one the 7 main chakras for each woman starting with the root chakra and working up towards the crown chakra. Over the course of the 5 months, all chakras will have been cleared and super-activated.


As a bonus, Karen ends her work inside the Business School by implementing in the quantum field (incredibly powerful!) the goals, wished manifestations and intentions of every woman. 

Adding an energetic layer to the already rich strategy and action focused program of the Business School takes results to a whole other level. Everyone carries energetic blockages - sometimes even from past lifetimes or generations. If not cleared, they will hold the person back. Karen profoundly empowers every woman in the Business School not only for their short-term business goals but since she works in the quantum field, these profound clearings will be golden for lifetimes to come.


Viktoria is a Clarity, Mindset and Business Coach.

She has worked with Alix as her coach for over 2.5 years. She knows Alix's programs inside and out. She has been to two of her retreats, her Weekend Intensive, her group programs, and has worked with Alix 1:1.

Viktoria and Alix are both fire signs and both Human Design Projectors with a 3 on their profile.


Viktoria is a support coach inside the Business School,
and takes over some of the 1:1 sessions included in the program.


She's also available in-between sessions for questions.


Viktoria is a beautiful soul that has master manifested incredible things and pure magic in her life. She is a mother, is married and lives in Berlin, Germany.


Viktoria being a fire sign, a projector and someone that has done SO much work on herself - you'll feel deeply, seen, held and supported and you'll probably also want to stay in touch after the Business School since Viktoria is such an incredible human.

Program overview




  • Introduction to the School

  • Your ideal future vision

  • Your core values & superpowers

  • Your higher self

  • 6 foundational business concepts for your success

  • Energy & mindset re-wiring

  • Intro to your personal Business School plan


  • 3- Day Weekend Intensive

  • Plan & open your diversified investment portfolio

  • Kundalini Activation Module 

  • Book recommendation list

  • Energy clearing tools



  • Financial plan for your life (Treasury)

  • Your most aligned income streams

  • Learn to package & present your products/ services

  • Your most magnetic branding (soul-aligned)

  • Implementation

  • Marketing aligned to your uniqueness

  • Magnetising premium soul clients without Ads

  • Conscious effective sales

  • CEO planning for the year ahead


  • Personal strategy for Level #2 of the Business School if you qualify

  • Leap your sales and income volume

  • Advanced sales & receiving energetics
  • CEO planning for success
  • Advanced sales training
  • Advanced money mindset



  • Initial in-depth intake questionnaire​

  • Instant access to all online modules 

  • Invitation to complete the preparatory modules & fill in your preparatory notebook

  • Your 4 x 1:1 sessions scheduled

  • Initial 1h30 strategy call with Alix

  • Review of your intake questionnaire answers ​

  • Review of your preparatory notebook filled in

  • Your personal strategy for the Business School

  • Your personal strategy document


with Alix or your assigned support coach

  • You get one call per month, of 1h-1h30. Here we deep dive into your personal goals and progress and work on the most useful challenge-solution at hand. We also define milestones to reach by the next 1:1 call.


  • Create your diversified portfolio​
  • Kundalini activation for Master Manifestation

  • Book list with personalized recommendations

  • Energy work: basics & tools


  • Showcase your weekly progress, get live coaching, get support from your soul cohort

  • Weekly accountability to tangibly progress with your goals

  • Trello board to track everyone's homework

  • Weekly WINS celebration

  • Premium networking (many Business School students end up travelling together, working together, becoming business partners, each others' clients,...)

  • Pick a soulmate accountability buddy with who you can have 1:1 deeper exchanges

  • Private group WhatsApp chat

(fully online)

      *Electroshock With Love*

  • This is an all-time community favorite. 3 Days fully online that SUPER activate/electrocute you into your next level of incredible expansion.

  • Clients generally can't believe what happened to them by the end of the 3 days.

  • Day 1, "BE": Deep dive into your most powerful identity, neurlinguistinc re-wiring, profound enery clearing, letting go of past identity.

  • Day 2, "DO": Energetic alignment to your highest path, action challenge with HUGE potential for the rest of your life. This is equally the most scary AND the most thrilling part of the weekend for most women!

  • Day 3, "HAVE": receive grounding, anchoring, a warm hug from the universe (surprise), together with an implementation in the quantum field of your most aligned and expansive intentions.

N.B. : Only true matches receive an invitation to integrate one of our cohorts through the year. We will be honest with you and will only give you a chance to integrate one of our editions if we TRULY believe you can create EPIC results with us.

Ready to secure your spot?

If you've applied and then successfully completed your interview call with us, and you've been offered a spot for the Business School, you can go ahead and choose your preferred payment option.


10 Monthly 
Payments of

€ 654,-

(incl. VAT)

6 Monthly
Payments of

€ 1.090,-

(incl. VAT)

Payment of

€ 5.999,-

(incl. VAT)

Secure your spot now


About Alix

​Alix is the CEO and owner of this multi-6 figure coaching company, which she founded in 2018 after quitting a full-time job in the start-up world. She has worked for various universities, the United Nations and the start-up world.

She has lived in Luxembourg, London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Italy.

Alix also solo travelled the world for 2 years (2018-2020) as a digital nomad as she quit her job and started her location-independent coaching company.

Alix has started various other business ventures before.

Alix is a Master Business Coach, additionally certified among others in: Mindset Coaching, Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Hypnosis.

​To date, she has individually coached 500+ leaders around the world. She has led 15+ leadership retreats for her client base. And given 50+ public talks. She has also created and hosted dozens of transformative online programs.




  • How much time is the Business School going to require from my side on a weekly basis?
    The minimum time-investment is to come to our weekly 1h30 call (generally any day between Tuesday and Thursday, 18.30-20.00 CET), and to have at least ~2h the rest of the week to complete exercises and/or take action and implement. You also have the option to match with an accountability buddy within your group with whom you can have a weekly check-in call which is usually very helpful and you can support each other. If you wish to invest more time than the above, you're very welcome - you'll be building your most epically aligned brand and income streams after all!


  • Am I truly ready for this? Am I not too early in the process? 
    Most of the time, the answer is: it's not too early. There's countless women that entered the Business School without a clue of what to develop. They just had a strong gut feeling they should do SOMETHING to start changing their (financial/professional) reality. And *surprise* they completed the Business School with the most epically aligned brands and income streams. 
    Please note #1: We have various levels inside the Business School. During your application interview with Alix, she'll be able to advise you on 1) whether you're a match or not for any of the levels and 2) which level you fit in. Alix never takes in someone she doesn't believe is a match because synergy, harmony and positive momentum inside the groups are crucial.
    Please note #2: There is a preparatory online course for every woman signing up the Business School. In it, you'll learn the most important concepts to coach yourself through the program and make the most out of it, you'll connect to your Higher Self and ideal future. You'll also connect to your most authentic mission, vision, values and positive impact you're here to create... After completing this preparatory online course, most women have much more clarity and are well prepared for the Business School.


  • Am I going to be overwhelmed?
    You *will* get out of your comfort zone. You *will* be supported to achieve things that you wouldn't achieve without this program (at least in the same timeframe). This is why we're here! Alix always says inside her programs: "Ownership over overwhelm". Very often, overwhelm is a choice we make in a split second when actually in that split second we could have taken a deep breath instead and chosen ownership. Taking responsibility for our deepest desires, bigger vision, wildest dreams and the impact we want to create in the world. In this program, you will learn plenty of tools to get more organized, productive, efficient and results-focused. You will learn how to overcome perfectionism and impostor syndrome. There's plenty of people in the world managing much bigger and more complex income streams than what you'll set up here. They don't work harder, they work smarter - and you'll learn skills, systems and tools that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life.


  • What kind of women will be part of my group?
    Most women part of the Business School are based around Europe and are both 1) decided to make a change in their lives AND 2) they also have a side to them that is magical, sensitive, spiritual. They want to develop conscious income streams aligned with their mission and purpose. Often, these businesses, products or services they want to develop are in the realms of coaching, energy healing, energetics, creative industries, branding and marketing or fashion. Every group since years is incredibly special. There is a force that brings the right women together for each group and somthing really powerful happens every time. They cross paths "serendipitously" at the other side of the world after having met digitally inside the Business School, they start travelling together, being each other's accountability buddies for much longer after the Business School is over, and so much more. It's magical women that come together to knit a magical reality.


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