Over a period of 6 months, we will work closely together on your business up-level. We will have about two intensive coaching sessions per month. We'll be in contact over WhatsApp in-between calls.


To kick-off, we will complete an in-depth assessment of your current situation. Based on that, we will design your best personalized Full Potential Strategy for the next 1 year.

Together, we will determine your personal focus areas and goals for the next 6 months together. Over the 6 months, I will personally coach you for you to epically uplevel. 


Concretely, you unlock:


  • A 6-month business uplevel exclusively with me.

  • Bonus 1: Lifetime access to my Full Potential Makeover online course (10 modules filled with game-changing expertise).

  • Bonus 2: Access my global community of superhumans for niche networking, accountability and support.

  • Bonus 3: Insider access to further products of mine including live events​​




Hi you!

If you feel stuck, frustrated and/or unhappy in your business life,
you might be in the right place.

Do you feel like you've lost your joy and spark? Your natural drive?

You've been working so hard until now and, for some reason,
you feel like you've hit a plateau now?

You're not sure you want to keep going if it's going to be more of the same?


  • Had enough of this stuck-ness

  • Crave growth, expansion and fulfillment 

  • Want to be super proud of your business life

  • Want to feel like you're making progress in a way that feels thrilling

  • Want to be crushing your goals and feel radiant in the process

  • You want a total UPLEVEL and rock your sense of achievement as you do so



Founder at Bohodot Barcelona


Before working with Alix, I felt very stuck. I didn't know how to continue to grow my business and I wasn't really enjoying my work. Then I started working with Alix and I'm so grateful for that. Alix is super positive, empathetic and motivating. In our work together I feel I'm continuously growing and moving forward. I've learned to value myself much more, to be much happier with myself. I've also become so much better at delegating. Since the beginning of working with Alix, I've hired 3 new employees! The revenue of my business has increased. I am very motivated to continue growing my business in the next year and to continue to sell more. With Alix, I've learned to see the silver lining in every situation, and the learning opportunities everywhere, even in something that might seem negative at first. I've also learned to think of and prioritize myself. To anyone considering to work with Alix: if you can relate to any of this, don't overthink it and invest in yourself.



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If fitting, you'll be contacted to answer a few more questions about yourself.


Learn a lot about yourself & what's currently holding you back

Understand your blind spots and how to overcome them

Take the best, most strategic action to create tangible upgrades in your life

Get the tools to optimize your business life (smarten-it-up)

Get to increase your revenue streams if you want to


Learn to feel like a real kick-ass human crushing it at life.




    • Your current weak points, blind spots, what’s holding you back

    • We address the above and create: efficiency, structure, systems

    • We implement work-smart moves into your daily life

      With your most optimized strategy and accountability on implementing it, you'll free time, overcome certain fears you might have, let go of what's no longer serving you and step into an upgraded way of you doing business + life.



    • We look at your current revenue (streams) 

    • We determine ideal revenue goals

    • We create and implement your most optimal strategy to reach your ideal goals

    • If needed, we tap into sales coaching and money mindset coaching

      With more efficient and satisfying income streams, we open-up room for growth as well as fulfillment.



    • We create your personal mindset + energy upgrade routine

    • We test and optimize that routine so it works for you

      You are the leader of your (business) life. We want you to be in your best energy and feel your best. Only then you can give your best. You’ll learn a LOT about yourself and how to ensure you’re energized and feel great about yourself WHILE rocking your business life.​



Founder & CEO at HealthcoachFx

Trainer at Women’s Health DE
Ambassador at Lululemon DE

Ambassador at doTerra Europe.


Alix is amazing at what she does. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and actually showed me how to pursue them with the skills and tools I already had. I started working with her when I felt stuck after running my business for 4 years. I didn't know how to move things to the next level. Shortly after I started working with Alix, my closing rate, sales and revenue started clearly increasing. I now see opportunity everywhere I go, and I believe in my strengths more than ever. I actually go out there and create the results that I really want in my career. Working with Alix has been incredibly empowering, helpful and transformative. Not only did she ignite a huge mindset shift, she made me feel like faith is in my own hands again. I highly recommend Alix to anyone wanting to upgrade their business lives in an exponential way, with tangible and thrilling results.


Alix is a Full Potential coach supporting humans worldwide to up-level their professional fulfillment and have their unique potential work for them.


To date, she's started 7 businesses and built teams around them, she's worked for a start-up accelerator and various universities, she's coached over 250 individual clients, given over 50 talks around the globe, ran online programs and set up 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe.


In the past 2,5 years, she's been fully focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while travelling the world.


Alix is obsessed about empowering humans to feel incredibly fulfilled professionally. She connects them to their unique power and through mindset, energy, strategy and  transformational execution, she gets them to feel high on life about themselves, their potential and their professional growth, on their terms.​​​



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If fitting, you'll be contacted to answer a few more questions about yourself.





Owner at Sung-Hee Photography

Award-Winning Photographer




I’ve always been someone who does the work that has to be done, never lazy and always improving my business. ​ But everyone has those areas of fear, areas out of the comfort zone. ​These are the ones to overcome to really step into the next level - where you want to be. I love how Alix motivates and encourages me to go for my biggest goals and overcome these fears. Alix also always catches all the excuses I am able to come up with when I'm about to reach my next level of growth. Sometimes, these excuses are hidden so well! It's typical self-sabotage. And becoming aware of them creates the possibility to grow further. Having a coach is such an important step to really tackle the “sweet spot” - defining clarity again and again so it becomes second nature. 



  • How do I know if this is for me?

    This program is for you if you are naturally driven and results-oriented. You are no-nonsense. You don't consider yourself necessarily patient. You *really badly* want to take things to the next level in your business life. You're ready to fully embrace this uplevel. You are ready to have a "no excuses" and results-focused journey. You love a direct and to-the-point communication context. You are ready to unleash your inner kick-ass to the fullest.

  • How much time-investment will be required?

    Since the Full Potential strategy we'll design at the beginning of this program will be entirely tailored to your life, in practice the program blends into and uplevels your current life. You won't have "1h every day" type of homework. You will simply execute on your dreamed vision and directly work on your various priority goals. The more committed, dedicated and focused you are throughout the process, the more satisfying results you will get.

  • How do I know it's the right time for this?

    It's the right time as long as you're ready to do whatever it takes to uplevel your current situation. If you feel called to what you've read this far in this page, you can always fill in the application form and see. I don't get back to every application that comes in. If we do have a chat after I've resonated with your application, you will have a chance to ask me further questions and get a better feel for how this experience would be like for you. I only take in people who are aligned. If it's not the case, I will likely give you a first round of input and direct you to more aligned resources for you at this point.



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If fitting, you'll be contacted to answer a few more questions about yourself.

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