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A 5-month program fueled with fiery, supportive coaching to spark your spirit and ignite clear action towards building a thriving soul-aligned business.

500+ students &
30+  nationalities

1:1 & group coaching to support your progress

A synergetic community of women

Multiple levels to match where you are in your business journey

Available in English and French

Designed for women in Europe, but open to all who want to apply

Your Instagram feed and email inbox are full of people offering tips on how to grow your business and trying to sell you secrets to fast success…

But here’s the truth about why those tips aren’t working for you, my dear…
they aren’t meant for you.


Business strategy doesn’t work without soul alignment. 

When you build a business, it becomes part of your daily life. The two are intertwined so tightly, you need them to support each other to feel completely fulfilled. To reach your fullest potential, you must understand your divine soul blueprint, which tells you who you were meant to be in this world. You can leverage your soul blueprint to create an aligned business and income streams that will allow you to make an impact on the world through your work.

This is why I created The Epically Aligned Business School.


  • To show you how you can create the life and business you can’t stop dreaming of.

  • To help you choose the right business that taps into your unique magic and feels completely aligned with who you are.

  • To teach you how to establish multiple income streams that financially support the way you want to work and live.

  • To teach you how to create a strong business foundation and develop systems to reduce work overwhelm.

  • To provide you with a personal business blueprint that gives you crystal-clear steps to begin your business journey.

Minimalist Neutral Multi Device Computer Mockup Website Launch Instagram Post (1).jpg

That’s right. This program isn’t a one-strategy-fits-all approach to business. 

We will develop a personal business strategy that speaks to your soul and energizes your spirit, so you can create a business that supports your long-term life vision.

Welcome, beautiful

Journalist & Founder of the Vegan Start-up School
(Berlin, Germany)

“What I most value about working with Alix is the consistent support, valuable business advice and learning about the spiritual side of business creation. Her empowering, supportive and kick-ass energy will bring your business to the next level.”

Coach & Business Owner
(Vienna, Au

“The Business School experience was intense and kick-ass. I loved the accountability and the helpful tips from Alix. I am always so amazed at how much can happen within 4 months!!”

Are you feeling energetically drained because…

  • You want to start a business but don’t know which business is right for you.

  • You feel overwhelmed learning how to start a business without guidance and support.

  • You want to start a business but find it hard to believe you can succeed.

or, maybe…

  • You have a business, but it isn’t bringing in the income you desire.

  • You are making money in your business, but you feel stuck and aren’t sure how to grow.

  • You started your business for the freedom to travel, but you are just working all of the time.

  • You have clients, but they aren’t the right clients for you.

  • You have created your offers, but you lack business boundaries and systems.


I host multiple cohorts in The Epically Aligned Business School, and we match you with the cohort that best fits where you are in your business journey.

How long have you been ignoring that voice
in the back of your head whispering…

“If you don’t invest & focus on yourself now,
you might truly regret it in the future”?


Inside the Epically Aligned Business School, you will feel celebrated for your unique magic and receive warmhearted support from your coaches and the amazing community. We dig deep into the specific challenges holding you back from building your dream business and shock your system into understanding you CAN do this.

Sometimes making BIG changes in life requires an electroshock with love.


If you’re willing to commit to The Epically Aligned Business School curriculum and yourself… You can run a business that fills up your soul and your bank account no matter where you are in your business journey.

Don’t worry… it’s a painless application. Spend 5-10 minutes answering a few questions to give me a glimpse into who you are and the goals you want to achieve.

What You Can Expect


Master Your Energetic State & Embrace Your Higher Self

  • We help you establish your core values & unleash your superpowers.

  • You learn how to become your higher self by managing your ego and embracing your unique soul blueprint.

  • You implement powerful daily practices to increase and strengthen your vibration and energetic state.


Establish a Business Strategy Designed Specifically for You

  • Together, we reverse-engineer the most powerful steps to lead you into your ideal future self vision.

  • You build your golden foundation to plan multiple soul-aligned income streams.

  • We create a business blueprint that gives you crystal-clear steps about what business to create and how to create it.


Take High-Impact Actions Toward Your Ideal Future


  • You learn how to let go of the low-impact actions that prevent your progress.

  • You implement your personal business strategy to develop aligned offers and magnetize amazing soulmate clients.

  • You plan how to get to the next level in your business.


This proven process will teach you to…

Attract your soulmate clients and work in alignment with your life’s purpose

Sell your offers without impostor syndrome holding you back

Create abundant income streams to finance your best life

Business Owner & Mum of 3
(Namur, Belgium)

“The Business School experience was epic! I dared, I understood, I did. I stopped being afraid, I stopped listening to that little voice in my head telling me not to go. I trusted myself, I chose ME, and I trusted my instincts.”

Influencer Marketing Consultant
(Berlin-Bali-Digital Nomad)

“Alix is the real deal. She empowers me to take action towards my dreams and goals. I love her positivity and contagious energy that keep on inspiring me continuously. I didn’t expect the 3-day weekend intensive to be this deep, intense and powerful.”


Are you ready to become a confident, magnetic force to attract abundance in life and business?

Submit Your Application for



Program Details

Let’s break down the program details, so you know exactly how
The Epically Aligned Business School works.

We begin with…

The Welcome Bundle

After you’ve invested in yourself and secured your spot, you will receive an intake questionnaire and instant access to all online modules we cover during our time together. Before you dive into the core Business School curriculum, you will complete the Higher Self Made prep course. 

This is a moving prep course that can bring up blocks and challenge you to reimagine your life.

  • Connect to your ideal future self, your values, your unique soul blueprint and your most empowering life path.

  • Battle your ego, deactivate imposter syndrome and uncover your core values, so you stop holding yourself back in life.

  • Learn about masculine energy and high-impact actions, so you can set up the systems and create the boundaries needed to run a successful business.

  • Apply the lean start-up methodology to your life to break free of outdated corporate job systems.

  • Fill in your program prep workbook and schedule your 1:1 coaching sessions with Alix.

After you've completed the steps in the Welcome Bundle and the Higher Self Made prep course, you're ready to begin the group calls together with the other women in your cohort who've also been doing the prep.

Here are all the elements included in your Business School experience:

Tailored support...

4x1:1 Coaching Sessions

Each week...

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Build your Business...

Online Curriculum

Expand your potential...

3-Day Digital Weekend Intensive

You also get...

Special Bonuses

Meet Esther

When Esther began the Business School, she was an engineer working in the corporate world who knew she wanted to start a business, but she wasn’t sure exactly which business to start. While in the Business School, Esther discovered her calling to create a life coaching business. She built her coaching business on the side of her engineering job and went from zero to landing her first paying clients - all within the Business School. At the end of the Business School, Esther took a sabbatical from her corporate job to develop her business full time.

"I entered the Business School without a clear idea of what I wanted to do. I just knew I didn't want to stay at my corporate job forever. So I trusted Alix. 6 months later, I was ready to work with my first clients. Through this Business School, I was able to get clarity on the one idea I wanted to develop further into a business. I worked out the financials for that business idea for the year to come. I also overcame my ego and fear to finally make my idea a reality, unapologetically.”  Esther, Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Meet Catarina

Before joining the Business School, Catarina felt incapable of starting a business. She had to do deep inner work and rewire her mindset to embrace her magic and acknowledge she already had the skills to build a successful business. During the Business School, she learned to believe in herself and by the end of the program, she created her brand, outlined the products and services she wanted to offer, and had a solid structure for her company. 

“Before the Business School, I had never had my own company. I was working for another company, and I never thought it was possible to have my own business. I felt incapable and like I didn’t have the skills that were necessary. During the Business School, I learned to embrace that I can do this, it is happening and now is the moment.”  Catarina, Lisbon (Portugal)

Master your personal magic and begin building your dream with
The Epically Aligned Business School.

A Program Walkthrough

with Your Master Coach, Alix

The Epically Aligned Business School
is for you if…


You would LOVE to have your magic work for you, so you can prosper and make a beautiful impact in the world through your work.


You’ve been wanting to quit your 9-5 for a while but fear is holding you back from building your own business.


You’re overwhelmed trying to sort through all of the free “how to build a business” advice online and crave a more structured, personalized and supportive curriculum which takes into account your unique soul blueprint.


You dream of living anywhere you want while enjoying financial freedom brought in by multiple streams of income.


You’re 100% committed to changing your life and ready to put in the work to build the business you can’t stop dreaming of.


You would LOVE for someone to kick your a** firmly and with love (electroshock with love).


You want to-the-point, fiery, results-focused coaching in a warm, welcoming environment.

The Epically Aligned Business School
is not for you if...

X  You’re not willing to put your ego aside and open yourself to believing there’s an entirely new possibility for your life.


X  You’re not willing to invest your time, energy and money into a transformative experience.


X  You’re not open to having your beliefs and actions (or lack of actions) challenged.


X  You aren’t willing to actively participate in group coaching and contribute to the community.


“The Business School experience was personally groundbreaking to me and I would recommend it to anyone. I discovered techniques to optimize my energy and keep a flow in taking action towards my goals, prioritizing on my key moves and received regular support with lots of motivating, positive energy from Alix!" 


Growth Marketer & Podcaster
(Barcelona, Spain)

Stephanie Gigot.jfif

“I loved the group calls to exchange and 1-1s to move forward. I realized my high impact moves. I gained great tools and a clearer & epically aligned vision of my business. Working with Alix's no-bullshit approach has helped me enlarge my vision, break boundaries, and gain a no excuse mentality."


Marketing, Brand & Product Management

(Brussels, Belgium)

Lisa J.jpg

“When you're immersed in a group that is custom and totally aligned with you, it's so easy to dive in and powerfully connect with others - I made incredible connections. This is an incredible opportunity to take powerful steps towards your business dreams right away - in ways you would have never imagined before. All from the comfort of your own home?! I’m so glad I was part of this.​" 


Strategic Brand Designer & Illustrator
(Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Sophie Sibeni.jfif

“When you're immersed in a group that is custom and totally aligned with you, it's so easy to dive in and powerfully connect with others - I made incredible connections. This is an incredible opportunity to take powerful steps towards your business dreams right away - in ways you would have never imagined before. All from the comfort of your own home?! I’m so glad I was part of this.​" 


Voyage Transpersonnel

(Brussels, Belgium)

Meet Your Magical Support Coaches

Meet Your Support Magicians


Karen is Alix's Energetician. They have been working together since end of 2021. They are both Leos from the same week in August. Karen lives in Cannes, France.

Karen now comes as a special guest inside each Business School group and Weekend Intensive to clear energetically every individual woman in depth.


She starts with a general first deep cleanse and then will clear and activate one by one the 7 main chakras for each woman starting with the root chakra and working up towards the crown chakra. Over the course of the 5 months, all chakras will have been cleared and super-activated.


As a bonus, Karen ends her work inside the Business School by implementing in the quantum field (incredibly powerful!) the goals, wished manifestations and intentions of every woman. 

Adding an energetic layer to the already rich strategy and action focused program of the Business School takes results to a whole other level. Everyone carries energetic blockages - sometimes even from past lifetimes or generations. If not cleared, they will hold the person back. Karen profoundly empowers every woman in the Business School not only for their short-term business goals but since she works in the quantum field, these profound clearings will be golden for lifetimes to come.


Viktoria is a Clarity, Mindset and Business Coach.

She has worked with Alix as her coach for over 2.5 years. She knows Alix's programs inside and out. She has been to two of her retreats, her Weekend Intensive, her group programs, and has worked with Alix 1:1.

Viktoria and Alix are both fire signs and both Human Design Projectors with a 3 on their profile.


Viktoria is a support coach inside the Business School,
and takes over some of the 1:1 sessions included in the program.


She's also available in-between sessions for questions.


Viktoria is a beautiful soul that has master manifested incredible things and pure magic in her life. She is a mother, is married, has worked for unicorn companies and lives in Berlin, Germany.


Viktoria being a fire sign, a projector and someone that has done SO much work on herself - you'll feel deeply, seen, held and supported and you'll probably also want to stay in touch after the Business School since Viktoria is such an incredible human.

Meet Your Master Coach


Alix Rufas

Alix is the CEO and owner of her 6-figure coaching company, which she founded in 2018 after quitting a full-time job in the start-up world. 

Alix is a Master Business Coach, additionally certified among others in Mindset Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neural Energetic Wiring, Neural Energetic Encoding, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Hypnosis.

​To date, she has individually coached 500+ leaders around the world. She has led 15+ leadership retreats for her client base and given 50+ public talks. She has also created and hosted dozens of transformative online programs since 2018.

Before trusting her gut and opening this business, Alix worked for various universities around Europe, the United Nations, the start-up world - and she had also started various other business ventures.

She has lived in Luxembourg, London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Italy and solo traveled the world for 2 years (2018-2020) as a digital nomad as she quit her job and started her location-independent coaching company.


An Intentionally Different Approach to Starting a Business

Sound like a lot of personal introspective work? It is, and that’s intentional. We focus on mindset and life before diving into the details of starting a business because you need to feel strong, confident and secure in who you are and who you want to become to be abundantly successful in your business.​​

If you have no idea where to begin in your business journey, it’s okay.

If you have many blocks and fears, it’s okay.

If you need guidance and support, it’s okay.

If you’re willing to dig deep and do the work,
you’re going to finish this program…

...with a clear vision for your future self and business.

...feeling confident and secure in your offers and the ability to land soul-aligned clients that pay you.

...excited and energized about what is in store for you.

What We Ask of You

Program Expectations

This isn’t a passive program. This is a program where you show up for yourself, do the deep and sometimes uncomfortable work and hold yourself accountable for achieving your goal to become a financially independent, abundantly successful business woman.

We ask that you…

 Complete the modules and coursework outlined in your personal business strategy.

→ Actively participate in group coaching sessions and the WhatsApp community chat.

→ Come to coaching sessions ready to dig into your challenges and come up with actionable solutions.

 Keep an open mind and be willing to work on yourself as much as your business.

Are you willing to let go of what isn’t serving you and invest in yourself?

Submit Your Application for




Meet Audrey


Audrey was on paid leave from her employer due to burnout. During the Business School, she got clear on which brand, business and income streams to develop and launched an incredibly aligned business during the program.

“When I started the Business School, I was in between chapters, on a leave from my employer for burnout. I was seeking but felt very lost. I found just enough strength in me to trust Alix and this program. 5 months later, I now feel mega activated and driven to develop the brand I have created. I feel alive and full of faith again, it’s unbelievable!!”

Meet Cecilia

Cecilia Miranda.jfif

Cecilia is trained as a coach, psychologist and human design reader and joined the Business School to develop the practical side of her coaching business while working 4 days a week at a job. By the end of the Business School, she had launched a beautifully branded website aligned with her unique soul blueprint, with clear offers. She landed her first paying clients, facilitated multiple workshops, had a clear financial plan for the year to come and clear steps to continue developing her coaching business.

“Alix gives you the right tools at the right time to give shape to your ideas and put them into action. She knows when to push and when to inspire. Thank you for your support and trust throughout the whole process. I feel ready to grow this business baby!”

More than 500 amazing women have built epically aligned businesses & income streams through this program.

You will become part of a global community and make lifelong connections and friendships.

Screenshot 2021-09-26 181501.png

If you’re a match, you will receive an invitation to join one of our upcoming cohorts!

Questions before applying?



  • How much time is the Business School going to require from my side on a weekly basis?
    The minimum time-investment is to come to our weekly 1h30 call (generally any day between Tuesday and Thursday, 18.30-20.00 CET), and to have at least ~2h the rest of the week to complete exercises and/or take action and implement. You also have the option to match with an accountability buddy within your group with whom you can have a weekly check-in call which is usually very helpful and you can support each other. If you wish to invest more time than the above, you're very welcome - you'll be building your most epically aligned brand and income streams after all!


  • Am I truly ready for this? Am I not too early in the process? 
    Most of the time, the answer is: it's not too early. There's countless women that entered the Business School without a clue of what to develop. They just had a strong gut feeling they should do SOMETHING to start changing their (financial/professional) reality. And *surprise* they completed the Business School with the most epically aligned brands and income streams. 
    Please note #1: We have various levels inside the Business School. During your application interview with Alix, she'll be able to advise you on 1) whether you're a match or not for any of the levels and 2) which level you fit in. Alix never takes in someone she doesn't believe is a match because synergy, harmony and positive momentum inside the groups are crucial.
    Please note #2: There is a preparatory online course for every woman signing up
     to the Business School. In it, you'll learn the most important concepts to coach yourself through the program and make the most out of it, you'll connect to your Higher Self and ideal future. You'll also connect to your most authentic mission, vision, values and positive impact you're here to create... After completing this preparatory online course, most women have much more clarity and are well prepared for the Business School.


  • Am I going to be overwhelmed?
    You *will* get out of your comfort zone. You *will* be supported to achieve things that you wouldn't achieve without this program (at least in the same timeframe). This is why we're here! Alix always says inside her programs: "Ownership over overwhelm". Very often, overwhelm is a choice we make in a split second when actually in that split second we could have taken a deep breath instead and chosen ownership. Taking responsibility for our deepest desires, bigger vision, wildest dreams and the impact we want to create in the world. In this program, you will learn plenty of tools to get more organized, efficient and results-focused. You will learn how to overcome perfectionism and impostor syndrome. There's plenty of people in the world managing much bigger and more complex income streams than what you'll set up here. They don't work harder, they work smarter - and you'll learn skills, systems and tools that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life.


  • What kind of women will be part of my group?
    Most women part of the Business School are based around Europe and are both 1) decided to make a change in their lives AND 2) they also have a side to them that is warm, kind, magical, sensitive, and/or spiritual. They want to develop conscious income streams aligned with their mission and purpose. Often, these businesses, products or services they want to develop are in the realms of coaching, energy healing, energetics, creative industries, design, branding and marketing or fashion. Every group since years is incredibly special. There is a force that brings the right women together for each group and somthing really powerful happens every time. They cross paths "serendipitously" at the other side of the world after having met digitally inside the Business School, they start travelling together, being each other's accountability buddies for much longer after the Business School is over, and so much more. It's magical women that come together to knit a magical reality.


Meet Hélène

Mindfulness Coach, Speaker & Spiritual Entrepreneur at Alphazenitude

Helene Lambret.jfif

"Going through the Business School experience made me understand that I have the strength inside, I have faith and I am at the right place.

I realised that coming back to my essence and not comparing to others is the key. I loved the 1-1 coaching, the support and the no excuses approach.

Alix is incredibly empowering, intuitive and clear. Working with her has helped me work with my essence & develop patience and an abundant money mindset!"


“If you are committed and ready to uplevel your current situation, you will be in good hands with Alix. The Business School was an unapologetic, badass experience. It helped me bring routines into my daily life, learn more about myself and have a greater connection to my Higher self."


Head of Digital & Innovation 
(Vienna, Austria)


“Working with Alix has given me clarity, accountability and personalized steps for growth. I enjoyed the group energy, the actions that I took and working on my future! I loved all the empowerment and personal cheerleaders and of course, Alix! I got rid of my self sabotage, got a better money mindset, connected with new awesome women and gained clarity on my new goals."


Graphic Designer & Brand Strategist

(Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

You’re never going to feel 100% ready to take a leap of faith, but you have to trust yourself
and listen to that little voice in your head telling you it’s time to take a chance on you.

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