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Moving forward in 2023 and beyond, I believe sovereignty will be key. Financial sovereignty starts by taking ownership of the shifts happening in the world today and adapting strategies accordingly.


ONE of the strategies I recommend is:

Building your most magnetic umbrella brand & the smartest ecosystem of income streams flowing under it.


  • Epic: because of course, what else are we here for

  • Aligned: In alignment with your higher self - it is always leading you to your highest path. And frankly, moving forward, avoiding this alignment is likely to result is increasingly painful experiences as it's no longer meant for you.

  • Income streams: different types and in different industries for more resilience

    • Active income streams
      (coaching, consulting, teaching, working with 1:1 clients,...),..

    • Passive income streams
      (online courses, book, products on e-shop,...)

    • Affiliate income streams
      (earning a commission in collaboration with your most aligned brands)

    • Profits from investments

    • Residual income streams

    • ...

Your Ideal Future Vision is fueled by the income systems you put in place TODAY.

Income Streams Masterclass
+ Business School Video Presentation
(as of minute 1:00:07)

What graduates say


Melani Kalev

Social Media Specialist at Mindvalley

Tallin, Estonia


The powerful mindset and perspective shifts I have had working with her are of incredible value. I’ve also benefited from a powerful push to take consistent action that’s aligned with what I really want.

I’m so happy I've been part of this experience. When you're part of it, you're supposed to be part of it. And the group is exactly how it's supposed to be. And you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing.

I also connected to a group of powerful, brave and kind women.

Trust in Alix. She really knows what she's doing.

Caroline Wagenbaur.jfif

Caroline Wagenbaur

Business Partner @ Google & Internationally Certified Co-Mediator

Vienna, Austria

Google logo.png

The videos by Alix inside the online library are extremely precious. It's so comforting to know that I will still be able to access them after the Business School.


Keywords that would describe this experience for me are: Commitment, Fun and Challenging the status quo. Words that would describe Alix: Fire, Unapologetic and Kind.


I've learned that investing in myself is a good investment. This experience, the connections, the learnings are SO worth it. Do it.


Let Alix push you to the edges of your own ego mindset.

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Apply to one of the next rounds of the
E.A. Business School to:


  • Take full ownership of how your IDEAL FUTURE is financed

  • Develop your most MAGNETIC UMBRELLA BRAND under which to...

  • ... develop your most epically aligned income streams 

  • Build your first 6-figure income (10k monthly)

  • Set up efficient systems in your personal + professional life (masculine structure) so that your feminine feels vibrant & abundant.


The Epically Aligned Business School
is a 5-month group program packed with Magic for you to expand into your most Abundant & Radiant Higher Self:

  • 1 x 1h30 initial private strategy session with Alix

  • Your personal strategy guide for the Business School made by Alix

  • 3 x 1:1 private mentoring sessions with Alix (1 per month)

  • 4 months of Business School

    • Weekly live group calls led by Alix

    • Private Trello board for progress & homework

    • Access to the entirety of the video courses inside the Online School

      • Course 1:   Becoming your Higher Self

      • Course 2:  Your Higher Self Income

      • Course 3:  Master Your Frequency

    • Wednesday office hours: Alix reviews your homework every week 

    • Private WhatsApp group

    • Accountability buddy within the group (optional, included)

  • Optional & included:

    • Access one of the Weekend Intensives 
      (3-day Electroshock with Love) in the first half of 2023.

    • 1 x Remote Energy Clearing sessions by Karen, our guest Energy Woman.

Our Guest Energy Woman:
Karen Energie

Karen is an incredible Energy Clearer. She sees countless levels (in past, parallel and present lives) in which we might have energetic blockages holding us back from our next level of growth.

Karen is currently fully booked until April 2023 and her rates are increasing exponentially while she does zero public marketing and is not on social media.


We have the chance to access her magic inside the Business School thanks to an exclusive partnership.

Within the Business School, Karen comes in live for 9 sessions in which, chakra by chakra, she remotely clears blocks for each individual student.

The result? Freedom from chains and energetic contamination so that the actions and implementation inside the Business School are even more Aligned + Impactful.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 17.30.09.jpeg

What graduates say

Christine Ofner.jfif

Christine Ofner

Mindset & Business Coach


Alix is truly the coach & mentor you need if you want to get something going. Sometimes it might feel uncomfortable but if you want to take the necessary action, Alix's containers are the right decision for you!

The Business School experience was intense and kick-ass. I loved the accountability and the helpful tips from Alix. I am always so amazed at how much can happen within 4 months!!

My top takeaways are: 1) It is totally possible to build multiple high income streams 2) Creating a word elixir and Pinterest board really helps to come up with aligned branding 3) Everything is possible.

Alix is a no-BS go-getter - being in her energy is just great. Her different perspective on business and the constant upleveling is so inspiring.

Cecilia Miranda.jfif

Cecilia Miranda

Professional assessment consultant

Geneva, Switzerland

I'm so excited I graduated from the Epically Aligned Business School! I loved the group dynamics.


One of my favorite parts was taking full ownership of the numbers behind my dream business life and planning this in!


I learned that I don't need to wait for things to be perfect to get started. I also LOVED the videos inside the Online Academy. They give me so much energy and inspiration!


Alix gives you the right tools at the right time to give shape to your ideas and put them into actions. She knows when to push and when to inspire.


Thank you for your support and trust throughout the whole process. I feel ready to grow this business baby!

You might recognize yourself in traits our classic success stories:

- The woman in her 30s that KNOWS she's meant for something MORE than her 9-5 job. She just isn't sure where to start.

- The woman that has never ever been financially independent with her own business before but DREAMS of turning her ideas into an epically aligned 6-figure income.

- The woman that KNOWS it is TIME to take full ownership of the numbers behind her ideal lifestyle.

- The woman that wants to build multiple income streams aligned with her Higher Self for more financial sovereignty.

- The woman that CRAVES more structure, stability, systems and efficient processes in her life (healthy masculine energy).

What graduates say

Esther Rodriguez.jfif

Esther Rodriguez

Product Creator and Founder of StayVegan Expertise

Utrecht, Netherlands

Through this Business School, I was able to get clarity on the one idea I wanted to develop further into a business. I worked out the financials for that business idea for the year to come. I also overcame my ego and fear to finally make my idea a reality, unapologetically.


I created packages for my services, created a website and launched the website. I learned how to conduct sales conversations with integrity, and I even started having my first client conversations.


Last but not least: I registered my business at the Chamber of Commerce and I am now able to send invoices to clients! And all of this in only 4 months and next to my full-time job!

Alix looks into the most efficient way to make things happen and answers questions for real - no textbook answers, but real specific tangible answers and examples.


Thank you for everything, Alix! It has been an amazing journey and I'm so happy that finally I made it happen and a business baby has been born. Gracias!!!!!!!

Camille Clart.jfif

Camille Clart

Mum & Digital Entrepreneur

Habergy, Belgium

The Business School experience was epic! I dared, I understood, I did. I stopped being afraid, I stopped listening to that little voice in my head telling me not to go. I trusted myself, I chose ME, and I trusted my instincts.


Alix was a wonderful leader in this experience through her words, her meditations, her feedbacks, her experience.

My top takeaways are the lean method, high impact moves and Ego vs Higher self. It was so inspiring to see everyone's discoveries.

I loved having the calls every month with Alix. Super inspiring and it put me back on the 'right path'! It helped me a lot to structure myself and go in the right direction. I also loved the meditations at the beginning and during the calls.


  • Pay in full: one-time payment of €6.000,-

    • Pay in 4 parts: €1.625,- x 4 

    • Pay in 6 parts: € 1.100,- x 6

    • Pay in 8 parts: € 870,- x 8

What graduates say


Katarzyna Ciszek

Growth Marketer & Podcaster

Ghent, Belgium

Working with Alix has helped me discover how to approach a personal project to really make it happen. 


The Business School experience was personally groundbreaking to me and I would recommend it to anyone. I discovered techniques to optimize my energy and keep a flow in taking action towards my goals, prioritizing on my key moves and received regular support with lots of motivating, positive energy from Alix!


The curation of the group, the support, inspiration and the accountability for everyone to reach their goals were my favorite parts throughout this program.

I loved the no-bullshit attitude of Alix to help me get to the core of my goals instead of beating around the bush, which I would probably still be doing if I didn't join.


Thank you for this experience Alix, I'm looking forward to working together in the next round!


Viktoria Roussina

Business Development Manager at Jenah St.

Berlin, Germany

If your goal is to take action, then working with Alix is the right thing to do.


Alix has supported me with guidance towards taking action (I sooo need this), finding the starting point to take the first small step and the mirroring that sparks mega insights.


Throughout the experience I learned that I'm responsible for my financial abundance (just as I'm responsible for my romantic abundance). I also realized that by doing things and seeing they're not for me I can get clarity about what IS for me. Finally, saying no to things that don't align with my focus is important to keep my work-passion-hobby-relationships-balance (& it feels freaking awesome!)

Thank you Alix for being the superhuman-role model! Always so positive, energetic and real! Mega inspiration on so many different levels!


Kyra Nijland

PX Email Designer - Author (Bose Corporation) & Graphic Designer

Heerlen, Netherlands

The Business School experience was so empowering! I'm grateful for everyone's wins and positive outcomes. And to make a tailored program for everyone is really kick-ass. Love it. I would highly recommend working with Alix.


Working with Alix has given me clarity, accountability and personalized steps for growth.


I enjoyed the group energy, the actions that I took and working on my future! I loved all the empowerment and personal cheerleaders and of course, Alix!


I got rid of my self sabotage, got a better money mindset, connected with new awesome women and gained clarity on my new goals.


Thanks so much again, Alix, for pushing me in the right direction! I love how you tailored the Business School and how I personally grew so much again! Can't wait to see what will happen next! At this point everything seems possible!


Jenny Song Schmidt

Lead Influencer Marketing & Social Media at Gymondo

Berlin, Germany

Alix has positively impacted my life on many levels. She continues to bring value through her positive energy and her nuggets (and mountains) of wisdom.

And the thing about Alix is that it isn't just words, but it directly translates into actions. High impact actions.

If you have the chance to work with Alix, don't hesitate.


From the sessions with Alix I've gained great energy and valuable input that nudges me in a good direction in situations I don't have clarity.


My top takeaways were - DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS! And connect to your higher self that wants to bring value to the table. Flex the muscle of having the conversation with the right people.


I loved the great high vibe-curation of everyone on the group & the amount of value we get on the group calls.

Mirjam Walser.jfif

Mirjam Walser

Founder of the Vegan Business School and the Vegan Entrepreneurs Network

Berlin, Germany

I am so grateful I completed the Business School. The experience was empowering, epic & fun.


Connecting every Tuesday evening was a highlight of the week. I loved the supportive energy of Alix and the group.

My top takeaways are: 1. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to make consistent high impact moves. 2. Everyone can start investing, even with little money. 3. Perseverance is key.

What I most value about working with Alix is the consistent support, valuable business advice and learning about the spiritual side of business creation. Her empowering, supportive and kick-ass energy will bring your business to the next level.

Lisa J.jpg

Lisa Jacobs

Strategic Brand Designer & Illustrator

Owner at Lisa Jacobs Design

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Month by month, I’ve completely shifted my life around in the best way possible!


Alix has such a strong network of powerful inspiring people around her, some of whom I got to meet, that I don't normally meet anywhere else, and that have added tremendous value to my life already.

When you're immersed in a group that is custom and totally aligned with you, it's so easy to dive in and powerfully connect with others - I made incredible connections. 


This is an incredible opportunity to take powerful steps towards your business dreams right away - in ways you would have never imagined before. All from the comfort of your own home?! I’m so glad I was part of this.​

Alix: thank you for everything so far!!

Stephanie Gigot.jfif

Stephanie Gigot

Marketing, Brand & Product Management

Brussels, Belgium

You want to get to the next level with your business and make sure it is fully aligned to the best version of yourself? Then Alix is THE one. It is incredible what I achieved in only 4 months working with her!


I am so grateful for all I achieved in this last year and especially the past 4 months within the Business School! The experience was mind-blowing, inspirational and kick-ass.

I loved the group calls to exchange and 1-1s to move forward. I realized my high impact moves. I gained great tools and a clearer & epically aligned vision of my business.

Working with Alix's no-bullshit approach has helped me enlarge my vision, break boundaries, and gain a no excuse mentality.


Petra Linhartova

Head of Digital & Innovation at TBA21–⁠Academy

Vienna, Austria

If you are committed and ready to uplevel your current situation, you will be in good hands with Alix.


The Business School was an unapologetic, badass experience. It helped me bring routines into my daily life, learn more about myself and have a greater connection to my Higher self.

My key takeaways are that a strong positive mindset is constant work, I choose the energy that will surround me & that energy feeds back to my mindset and ownership over my own finances empowers me.

Working with Alix has helped me work on and understand my mindset, claim my space and not overthink (unpleasant) things.

Helene Lambret.jfif

Hélène Lambret

Mindfulness Coach, Speaker & Spiritual Entrepreneur at Alphazenitude

London, United Kingdom

Going through the Business School experience made me understand that I have the strength inside, I have faith and I am at the right place.


I realised that coming back to my essence and not comparing to others is the key. I loved the 1-1 coaching, the support and the no excuses approach.

Alix is understandable, intuitive and clear. Working with her has helped me work with my essence & develop patience and a business money mindset.

Sophie Sibeni.jfif

Sophie Sibeni

Voyage transpersonnel

Brussels, Belgium

The Business School experience was empowering and kick-ass. You can trust Alix, she will bring to you to your next level, you can do it and you will be supported by her and a wonderful group of beautiful ladies, so do it!


I am so grateful for all the goals I achieved and that I quit my job. I loved the energy of the group, the good vibes, all the shares and the future self meditation.


My top takeaways are to do it & think after and the power of the vision board & manifesto.

Working with Alix has taught me that everything is possible with high impact moves, just trust the process.

About Alix

​Alix runs a multi-6 figure coaching company that she founded in 2018 after quitting a full-time job in the start-up world. She has worked for various universities, the United Nations and the start-up world.

She has lived in Luxembourg, London, Brussels, The Netherlands and Italy.

Alix also solo travelled the world for 2 years (2018-2020) as a digital nomad as she quit her job and started her location-independent coaching company.

Alix has started various other business ventures before.

​To date, she has individually coached 500+ leaders around the world. She has led 13+ leadership retreats for her client base. And given 50+ public talks. She has also created and hosted dozens of transformative online programs.

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