A weekend intensive to electrify your one-woman-business dreams into their next level of growth.​

Here’s your memorable 3-day electroshock with love.

You’ll get to dive deep into your most active growth blockages and clear them. You’ll laugh, and you’ll likely cry. You’ll freak out now and then probably too. You’ll release a lot of heaviness and noise that’s no longer supporting your next level. You’ll take lots of action (yes, during the weekend). There will be raw and vulnerable shares. Games. Competitions. Guided transformative meditations and journaling exercises.

All 3 days are full-packed for your most powerful uplevel within your solopreneur journey.

how would you like to:

Dear epic woman,

  • Feel like you received an electroshock upgrade from the universe having you ROCK your business growth and feeling unstoppable

  • Feel powerful momentum moving forward that has you feeling high on life

  • Feel like a heavy cloud of BS stories was removed from your system all at once

  • Release once and for all those deeply rooted blocks you know are holding you back

  • Profoundly clear and re-wire your system for epic momentum

  • Tap into the intensity of a weekend immersion to feel a profound transformation within

  • Look back at this weekend and think “I can’t believe I did that!!!”

  • Reap the fruits of your most epic, brave, bold actions

  • See your business baby UPLEVEL into a self-sufficient adult who now pays for everything in its life and more

Yet deep down, you
know you might…

  • Have been avoiding doing the real deep work

  • Have bypassed a lot of deeply rooted fears you never really wanted to look at

  • Need to face your deepest blockages if you truly want to quantum leap into that epic vision you have

  • Benefit from an electric shock to profoundly get over your current blocks

  • LOVE to immerse yourself into a 3-day weekend intensive JUST focussing on YOU and your epic growth

  • Really use an action wake-up call

  • Need to get out of your comfort zone to take yourself to your next level

The Weekend Accelerator, a memorable weekend intensive to electrify your solopreneur journey into its next level of growth.

You can expect: profound personal work and transformation, intensity, being stretched in a no-nonsense style, a deeply meaningful and authentic experience, a powerful momentum post-experience having you feel high on life, feeling empowered and like you can do *anything*.

This 3-day weekend intensive is designed for you to:

1 "BE"



2 "DO"



3 "HAVE"



  • Go deep & to the root of your blockages

  • Do a profound energetic clearing and reset

  • Re-wire your most active sabotaging narratives and beliefs

  • Create a *profound* shift within yourself, without needing to travel anywhere

  • Activate your *next level*

  • Take powerful (scary) action you would have never taken otherwise

  • Tap into the *intensity* of this experience to access places within yourself you don't normally reach

  • Gift yourself an incredibly powerful momentum post-weekend

  • Move forward with a strong club of highly synergetic women you deeply bonded with over a short period of time

Note: This 3-day Weekend Accelerator is an experience mainly for my existing client-base. If however you’ve never worked with me before and are super-drawn to this, you can apply and if invited for an interview call, you’ll be asked to do a minimum of 2 x 1h individual coaching sessions with me previous to the weekend experience. This is so you have a few weeks to “warm-up” and prepare to make the most out of this intensive

Next round:

July 23-25, 2021
(Friday - Saturday - Sunday).

Next round is currently 70% full


For maximum transformation for every person participating, the group is limited to an intimate group of 10 women. The 10 women part of each experience are carefully selected for maximum synergy - if you're selected for this experience, it's meant to be.


10AM-10PM, for 3 days. 

Fully digital, live and lead by me.

This is a 3-day intensive that requires full immersion. Most participants either create a 3-day immersion at home in a space where they won't be disturbed for the 3 days or they find an awesome Airbnb or hotel for the 3 days to allow full immersion.

approximate timings:


  • 10.00 : Kick-off

  • 2h: 10.00-12.00 Foundational session

  • 30 min: 12.00-12.30 Short break 1

  • 2h: 12.30-15.30 Deep dive 1

  • 30 min: 15.30-16.00 Short break 2

  • 2h: 16.00-18.00 Deep dive 2

  • 30 min: 18.00-18.30 Short break 3

  • 2h: 18.30-20.30 Deep dive 3

  • 20.30-21.00: Final remarks & homework for the evening.

What other humans say


Alexia Chatzidimitriou

Project Finance Manager at Hilton Worldwide

Dubai, UAE

Alix has such a powerful way of connecting with humans, and giving them the tools to reach heights they would not imagine possible. 

I feel grateful I trusted Alix adding up on my growth journey, as amazing outcomes keep happening.


It was my first time taking part in a digital intensive like this, and I really did not know what to expect.


I loved the way everything kept unfolding, Alix’s energy (!) and how she guided this experience into being so UNIQUE for me!


All the powerful sharing that took place created an incredible bubble of support between us women that I didn’t expect.


Last but not least: I absolutely never thought that in these 3 days I would finally see so clearly and get going with my next most epic business moves! 

Thank you Alix for giving me the opportunity to work with you and discover such an amazing world!


Jenny Song Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Alix is the real deal. She empowers me to take action towards my dreams and goals.


I love her positivity and contagious energy that keep on inspiring me continuously.


I didn’t expect this 3-day digital experience to be this deep, intense and powerful.


It was super well structured and timed. I understood there was so much BS in my head that had been holding me back.


I got crystal-clear FOCUS and powerful perspective shifts in key areas of my life.

I felt that all the amazing women that took part of the experience were a well curated group.


I loved how everyone showed up and totally rocked it.


The weekend was a good reminder of how everyone’s got their own story and is on their own path. Do you know that feeling of inspiration that leaves you tingling for more action? That’s exactly what I got at the end of every day.

By the end of the experience, I felt that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

Apply for the next
Weekend Accelerator of 2021

3 spots are left for the next weekend accelerator (July 23-35, 2021). Spots fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once I'm happy with a group, enrollment closes for that group. If you'd like to secure your spot, the first step is to fill in the application form below. Potentially synergetic profiles will be contacted and invited for a Zoom interview call. If after our chat I have the certainty I can support you with your goals, you'll be offered an invitation to reserve your spot.

Who is this experience for?

is for you if:

This 3-day intensive

  • You’ve already worked with me for a while, through 1:1 coaching and/or Mastermind programs.

  • You’re ready to crystallize everything you’ve been learning into an electrifying level-up

  • You might have not worked with me before, but absolutely would love to be part of a weekend edition and would love to know what prep. formula would suit you best

  • You already have what might or might not feel a goldmine of expertise, experience, skills,... that are waiting for you to monetize them masterfully.

  • You have the skills and/or expertise to sell products and/or services as a solopreneur (you can potentially grow a coaching business, a freelancing business and/or a consultancy business).

  • You absolutely DREAM of having consistent 10k net months while being location-independent and being your own boss.

  • You have none or limited entrepreneurship experience.

  • You know you tend to procrastinate taking all the actions that don’t truly have your business working (countless time and energy on social media, taking one course after the other, over-qualifying yourself,...). You’re an expert at doing all the things that are actually not bringing the cash in!

My no-nonsense,
practical approach

My style is quite direct and no-nonsense. When it comes to building your dream solopreneur business life, I like to cut to the chase and directly work on what’s most important. 


I like to keep things exciting and I’m very passionate about what I do. We will laugh together for sure.

I believe there’s plenty of women out there sitting on a goldmine of wisdom, experience, expertise and genius. And I believe that this magic can often be leveraged to bring value to other humans in the world, while increasingly enriching your life too.


I also believe in humans embracing more and more their higher self and higher purpose. This often requires us to get over our ego and sabotaging voices; so that we allow ourselves to embrace what we really came here to do.

What other humans say


Florentina Olareanu

Founder at Golden Hour Pictures

Vienna, Austria

Alix is a brilliant, supportive leader who has changed my life. She transmits such a strong sense of unstoppable growth and confidence.

I absolutely loved fully immersing myself in this digital experience. It gave me a strong sense of empowerment. I didn’t expect to have SEVERAL breakthroughs. I got over myself and executed on my ideas finally - on the spot!


My ability to concentrate within this context was a game changer. 


The group was amazing and I so welcomed this sense of curated community and powerful connections within this digital format.


Especially during times of Covid, when it feels more difficult to connect to like-minded people and attend events, this is an amazing opportunity for those looking to improve their lives, both on a business or on a personal level. 

Thank you for changing my life and being in it, Alix.


Auguste Kakneviciute

London, UK

My work with Alix has been transformative. I took my mindset, productivity and business life to the next level.


It brought LOTS of action-taking support, accountability, encouragement, and tons of clarity. I can see the incredible progress I’ve made for myself during this period, all the ways I left my comfort zone, the plans I made, the actions I took, the things that came to life…

I also loved all the amazing women I got to meet during this weekend intensive. I didn’t expect I’d make such powerful connections digitally. I loved the vibe and feeling the support within all the girls. I now feel like I have a personal group of cheerleaders!

If you feel like you need a kick in the ass - this experience does exactly that! 

Feeling strong, empowered and determined now more than ever.



Apply for the next
Weekend Accelerator of 2021

3 spots are left for the next weekend accelerator (July 23-35, 2021). Spots fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once I'm happy with a group, enrollment closes for that group. If you'd like to secure your spot, the first step is to fill in the application form below. Potentially synergetic profiles will be contacted and invited for a Zoom interview call. If after our chat I have the certainty I can support you with your goals, you'll be offered an invitation to reserve your spot.

What you will receive:

  • Full access to the entire Weekend program:

    • ~ 12h / day of you actively working, each of the 3 days

    • Private Mastermind Facebook group

    • Private Mastermind WhatsApp group




Remember, if you sign up to this, you’re investing in you, your dreams and your dream biz. I design my experiences so that what you financially invest, you get ten-fold in terms of transformative results in your life. Also note that if you’re already registered as a business owner or freelancer, this investment can be declared as a business cost and is thus tax-deductible. The investment for the next Weekend Accelerator of 2021 is €1.200,-. Paying in two installments of €650,- each is also possible.

What other humans say



Founder & Owner at BrunchBag

Berlin, Germany

Working with Alix has been great. Her energy is amazing and she will make you DO shit! She's supported me in finding my higher self, connecting with it and making high-impact moves.

The weekend experience was transformative, eye opening and so motivating. I managed to define my blockages and realise that there is still a lot of deep work that I have to do, but somehow I'm not scared anymore. I have, for the first time in a long time, let myself dream about the future without thinking about the past.

I also loved the profound connection we created as a group even though this was virtual! So powerful!

Maria Christina.jpg

Maria-Christina Tsitsopoulos

Relationship Coach, Community Builder & People Geek

Berlin, Germany

Alix is an unstoppable powerhouse of motivation. I love her motivation and unstoppable energy, her belief in everyone to make things HAPPEN, her living the life she loves and inspiring anyone around her who wants to do the same, DO the same!

From the get-go of the Weekend Accelerator program, she was firing us up and ready to empower us all! I believe we all joined this weekend experience on Friday morning unsure where it might take us. By Sunday morning, we had all taken powerful action steps to leap towards our dream business goals! All this thanks to Alix’s high energy, KICK-ASS and unstoppable self!

I loved the way everyone supported and lifted each other higher; and I loved the contagious high energy I felt throughout the weekend.

This was awesome! I loved the group experience and the support from everyone.

Thanks for facilitating a great weekend experience Alix, I look forward to the Mastermind!

Apply for the next
Weekend Accelerator of 2021

3 spots are left for the next weekend accelerator (July 23-35, 2021). Spots fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once I'm happy with a group, enrollment closes for that group. If you'd like to secure your spot, the first step is to fill in the application form below. Potentially synergetic profiles will be contacted and invited for a Zoom interview call. If after our chat I have the certainty I can support you with your goals, you'll be offered an invitation to reserve your spot.


  • How do I know if I’m at the right stage for this program?

    Read above, especially the “Who this is for” part!

  • How do I know the likelihood of my application being accepted?

    This program is for women who are very passionate about creating a positive shift in their solopreneur lives. Only women 100% ready to take action will be offered a spot in this experience. You have to be open, willing and make a commitment with yourself to show up, and be willing to get over yourself and out of your comfort zone - only this way you’ll get optimal results with this type of experience.


  • Shall I be scared :D ?

    Just a little bit :D Remember, I call this experience an electroshock *with love*. I put lots of love, commitment, passion and dedication in designing and leading LIVE every single one of my experiences. I have done this weekend program LIVE 10 times before already, during previous editions. Every time it gets BETTER. I want nothing but the best, most empowering outcomes for the long term for the incredible women I work with. In the short term, things might feel uncomfortable. But in the long term, you’ll be SO thankful for your past self!

  • I'm already working with you 1:1 and/or a Mastermind, how is this weekend helpful for me?

    The 3-day weekend intensives through the year are there especially for the women already working with me to tap into to CRYSTALLIZE & QUANTUM GROW their learnings so far. The intensity of the 3 days allows us to tap into a level of depth that is rare in other coaching programs.

  • How do I best prepare for this weekend intensive?

    It is important that, for the 3 days of this weekend intensive, you're in an environment that allows full immersion. If you live by yourself, your home should be totally fine. If you live together with others (i.e. your family), it might be helpful to book an AirBnb or cute hotel room for these 3 days. It is important you can fully immerse yourself in this process without interruptions or external obligations.

What other humans say


Irina Burlacu

Founder & Owner at Researchista

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Alix is a self-made coach with an incredible power of persuasion who will bring clarity in your thinking. You meet her once and never want to depart from her network again! I almost quit on growing my own business 3 times, and it was because of Alix and her arguments in why persevering was important that I'm still working on it. So happy I listened to her!

During the weekend I realised how powerful making "high impact moves" aligned with my life vision was. It made me feel my dreams are more accessible than ever.

I loved the hands-on approach of the weekend progran too. And how much we got to directly and tangibly advance our business and life within the 3 days!

Working with Alix has also given me an answer to a specific question regarding my business that was bringing me lots of anxiety and was making me feel like I failed. I also got very centered, focused and clear about my priorities. It's an amazing feeling overall!!!


Julia Mohr

Hamburg, Germany

Alix's coaching is high energy, authentic and powerful. She will bring out the best in you - supporting you to get out of your comfort zone and take matters into your own hands. Working with Alix has given me energy, made me gain confidence and take action.

My top takeaways from the weekend intensive were gaining clarity on my personal story & services, getting things done which caused resistance before, tackling my blockers and connecting with great people.

I loved the challenges in the program - they push you to the next level. I got so much done that was out of my comfort zone. Connecting with like minded people was, of course, also key.



Alix Rufas

Alix has started 7 business ventures this far and built teams around each of them. She's worked for various companies and universities around Europe and has developped a training to economically empower women through entrepreneurship for the United Nations.


She's lived in various countries, and has built her current coaching business as a digital nomad for its first 2 years, travelling the world.


She's led 10 exclusive leadership retreats around Europe for some of her clients. She's given over 50 talks around the globe and has delivered multiple transformative online programs for women wanting to build their dream business lives.


In the past 3.5 years, she's been exclusively focused on growing her coaching business and building a team around it while running her programs and events.


She's incredibly passionate about and committed to empowering women around the world to own their full professional potential and leverage it to create their most fulfilling lives.​​​